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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. WE are now within a month of the Penarth School Board Election, that is, unless a suggestion which has been made by a member, viz., that in view of the proposed amalgamation of the Penarth and Cogan School Boards; the election, if possible, be postponed for two or three months. Three years ago Messrs Llewellyn, Thomas, Thompson and Holman ran together, and were elected as representing the non- conformists of the town, and the Rev Sweet-Escott, and Messrs Snell and Lloyd were elected as Church- men. For several elections past there has been a combination of candidates, but has not the time come when indIvidual., instead of collectively, the candi- dates should seek the suffrages of the electors ? Of course it is possible, and we think even probable, that a compact will be entered into between the sections as I named above, for the purpose of securing each other's return to office, but they might rest assured, that if an alliance is formed, an effort will be made to frus- trate any such result, for there is a very strong feel- ing among many of the ratepayers that two or three of the present Board should make room for others. However we may attempt to hide the fact, it still remains, that there is a large section opposed to the return of Mr George Carslake Thompson. Although he thoroughly goes in for unsectarian education, yet he does not represent any sectioa of the Christian Church in Penarth, and Nonconformists are satisfied that from among their own ranks they can find plenty of gentlemen who will serve them quite as faithfully, and as carefully guard the interests of their children. Then against Mr Sam Thomas there is a similar feeling. He is a Churchman—very broad, and also a supporter of the unsectarian platform, but the same argument is applied. Mr Llewellyn truly represents the Nonconformists of Penartb. He is a stalwart defender of Nonconformity, and there are few who can enter into a controversy with him regarding the principles of Nonconformity without having to confess that be is well able to hold his own. But in spite of this there are to be found some who advocate giving him a rest. Mr Holman is a Nonconformist, true as steel, a thorough gentleman, but slow to move, and lacking in general go-aheaded- ness. With the other three-Rev Sweet-Escott and Messrs Snell and Lloyd, in the field, we do not think the Church party could do better. It now behoves Nonconformists to be up and doing, and to be thoroughly alive to their interests. The names of several gentlemen have been mentioned as suitable candidates, and some have been waited upon with a view of inducing them to consent to he nominated, but to ensure unanimity of action, it has been sug- gested that the leaders, or the officials of the various Churches should meet together and consult as to the best candidates to secnre the undivided support of the Nonconformists of the town. Recognising the fact that union is essential to success, we would strongly urge an early meeting of Nonconformists to select candidates, for it is high time they were before the ratepayers. j THERE are two sides to every question, and even the one which has recently occupied the attention of our School Board authorities-Periarth and the United Districts of Cogan and Llandoogb-ought to be viewed from more than one standpoint. It appears that the whole of the Penarth Board, and four out of five of the Cogan Board are in favour of amalgama- tion, and forming one joint Board for the whole of the District Oouncil area. In many respects this would be well, as it would reduce, considerably, the rates of the smaller parishes, whilst the amount ayable by the ratepayers on the bill would be increased. Now we do not suppose the rich residents of Penarth would object to pay a trifle extra to relieve the more heavily burdened ratepayers of Cogan and Llandough, but it is a question whether the residents of the two latter parishes will consent to lose their individuality, and be practically snuffed out by the hillites. Coganites are naturally, and rightly, proud of their village. They have applied to themselves the injunction of Scripture, Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might," and it was always a sore with them, until the District was divided into wards for local government purposes, that they could not secure a single representative on the Board, and what was the case then, will be the case again if the Boards are amalgamated for educational purposes, because the Wards do not apply to School Boards. This is only one matter, and we do not know of any other which can be raised against the proposal, but we presume the ratepayers would be consulted before amalgamation could be carried into effect, and then other questions might be raised This is a matter. however, which requires careful and unselfish con- sideration, and we hope whatever may eventually be decided upon, the spirit of all will be to study not individuals but the general good. SINCE writing the above, a meeting of the Penarth I Board has been held, when it was decided to defer action in the amalgamation until after the election. Mr Thomas thinks it advisable to convene a public meeting and take the ratepayers' advice. The Rec- tor was also antagonistic to the scheme, advancing ae 0 In reasons, that it would be more economical for Penarth in the matter of rates, and that more effective adminis- tration would be attained by small governing bodies. This view, too, was supported by Mr Snell.

Penarth District uouncil.