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.. G hit-Chat.


G hit-Chat. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. .;) I hear it rumoured that on account of my eulogY of the singing of the Penarth Laundry employees a fortnight ago, they have had a meeting and resolved to establish a choir, to be known as the Penarth Washers' Manglers' and Ironers'Musical Society." 0 0 0 It hath not yet transpired who is to be the conduc- tor or other officials, but I am promised fuller details by and bye. When the new act for regulating hours of labour come into force in January next, they will have plenty of time for practice. 0 0 0 The Penarth, Cogan and Llandough Total Abstinence Federation Choir made its debut on Wednesday evening, and was well received. The members are invited to a social tea to be held in the Jubilee Hall I on Wednesday next. Intending members should apply at once to Mr J. F. Pickford for tickets, as only ticket holders will be admitted to tea. At 7 o'clock a meeting for business will be held. 0 0 0 The next practice will be held on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Welsh Independent Schoolroom. Members having copies of Sankey's Tune Book will please bring them. 0 0 0 The new Tabernacle Baptist Chapel, Plassey Street, will be opened on Wednesday, the 20th November, ooo The committee and members, together with a few friends, of the Tabernacle Baptist Dorcas Society held the third of a series of picnics, on Wednesday afternoon, the place visited being Lavernock. This extraordinary September weather tempted a large number to attend. 0 0 0 One day this week I heard the following conversa- tion respecting a certain gentleman, pretty well known to Penarth residents, "A remarked: "It. will be a blessing when he is taken." "Not to heaven, replied C," for I almost think his disagreeable manner would cause mischief in heaven, should he find a Corner there." This is a terrible thing to say of any man. Surely there is some good to be found in the one spoken of. Shall we not put the good in the other side of the scale and try to out weigh the evil ? A man's faults can always be seen, but Low seldom his good qualities. 0 0 0 The Cogan Military band, under the conductorship of Mr John Bryantj announces a concert to be given in Andrews' hall, next month. ooo I am very pleased to congratulate Mr Sam Garwood who has acted as foreman for Mr- D. G. Price during the erection of the new Baptist Chapel, in Plassey Street", upon securing the order for the building of 12 houses near the Laundry for Mr Jones, one of the architects for the chapel. Mr Jones has had ample opportunity of testing Mr Garwood's capabilities, and it speaks volumes in his favour, that he should receive this mark of confidence. 0 0 0 Year after year the Salvation Army have set apart one week for self deninal, the object being to raise funds for the purpose of assisting Foreign Work, the Social Scheme Rescue Work, &c. Throughout the world, or at least those portions of it where the Salvation Army flag has been planted, next week will be known as Self Denial week, and indoors and out great efforts will be made to raise funds for the object stated. Last year the sum realised in Penarth amounted to about X18, but the officers are anxious this year to collect the tull X20. In an advertisement, to be found in another column are these words—'It is the Lord's work; who will ) help?" Regarding it thus I venture, on behalf of the local corps, to appeal to all my readers to do a little, and if all will [do a little, much will be done and who can tell what good will result. o 0 e The Harvest Festival at Llandough Church will be held next Thursday aDd the following Sunday- Mr Rutter and the Pier Concert party will give their last performance in Penarth for this season, on Saturday evening, unless Mr Rutter accedes to the wish of so many of his patrons, and give an entertain- .P ment in Andrews' hall.

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