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3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment.i

Fates ar x(i comments.


Fates ar x(i comments. THE Annual Brewsf u — ers Sessions have been held, and eo far as Penartb 1.1 is concerned, very little change has been effected r Plassev Street 3PPl>cal'™ Mre Coucl>. °f was withdrawn that of Mr Miller, Maughan Str failed to 1 ^aS ^ec^ne^' iQasmuch as applicant Stevens a- ov^e evidence of his respectability; Messrs Hall ac* a^ ^° ^°r ^eir premises ander the Masonic Jicensf 'joining the railway station, were granted a t0 Se^ w*nes an(^ spirits by retail, but the beer gar 36 WaS re^usei^ > aa(^ application by Mr Stowe y ->cer, of Glebe Street, was ackjourned until next Londay, at Barry Dock police court, because the notice which should have been served upon the Super- intendent of police, was deposited with the wrong person- The day is pasedlor wholesale granting of licenses, and the magistrates even though they may no themselves, be teetotalers, gieatly hesitate. alld must -oJ- see tb necessity for a new license before they grant it. Ter iiperance Workers have no need to be discouraged ecause of recent events, and because their pet scheme I —Local option—has been for a time shelved. On the | other hand, the signs of the times fill one with hope, i and all should be stimulated to greater diligence in | the teaching and training of the young in total absti- | nence principles. When we remember that it is the youth (If to-day who will make the future of the world, how much care should we exercise in their I education- j We are glad-to lerrn that several gentlemen in our | town are considering the advisability of establishing ¡ 0 in this district a Poultry, Pigeon and Cage Bird Show. There are many fanciers in our midst, and | even if no outsiders exhibited, the show would pro- | bably be large and exceedingly inteiesting. There is scarcely a town anywhere the size of Penartb, which j can boast so many pigeon fanciers, and it is to be re- j gletted that they have not, se far, exhibited their | fancies, for they po&sess some excellent specimens of | show bird fl. However there is a flyi-ag club here, i and many trophies have been won by the members. j We hope now that the ball has been set rolling it will be pushed on and on, and that next year will see j established a strong society for the encouragement of I bird fanciers generally.


Penarthians at Newport Poultry…

Volunteer Intelligenca.

Church Parade at Penarth.