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Penarth Business Directory. BUTCHERS. T. R. Wadley, Glebe-stieet, Penarth. D. Cornwell. Glebe Street. v/' Hcvord, 51, Glebe Street. R. Guy (Pork.93, Glebe Street. HUB AND CAB PROPRIETORS. Andrews & 800, Penal th Mews. CHEMISTS. J. Blake Benjamin, Glebe-street. CORN MERCHANTS J. J Sanger Tucker. 31. and 32, Glebe Street COAL MERCHANTS. Penarth Coal Co., 28, Windsor-road. CONFECTION BRS VV. G Waiiiei, 76/Glebe Street. Bfehop, 4, Glei>e Street. Wind*nr Waker Maughan Terrrace, and 56 Windaor Q«-e» I'estaurant, by the Railway ;"II" 1 '11. in. aftiindt'M, 5S Plassey Sirpct. DRUG STORES. d W. Baynes, 1, Penarth Dock DRAPERS. 0. W. Taylpf' Cavendish House, 3, Glebe Street. EDUCATIONAL, G S Collegiate School, Albert Crescent. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DEALERS. J. tfivnyer Ttick,r 1\. rtid •». Gtbe Street. V. II. Salter, MHUgV/.i 6uect. Mat,iiews, Anchor Uouae, Oleo, Stnu. W. titill, 24, Glebe Street aiio c Kits n. Huntley, Gloucester House, Mauglwu Street Music Tkacukbb. 4pgof. G 0. Howell, byazar House, Windsor Road. PAlSTEUS AND DECORATORS. Love and jobB, 5. Nreot-street. PAWNBROKERS. Harris, 85, Glebe Strest. SROODD-HiNO CtOTUBS DRALitns. Mrfo Knckland, 57 and 58 Salop Street. Mrts MeMuri-ay, 12 Arcot Street. TATIONFnS AH I NEWSAGENl Mrs Pasley. ^^be-stveen tMos PAUlktu«v, Glebe-stieti Miss Court. Windsor-road. uUstta,' «f. Glebe nreet Um ver, Peat Ot5ce, Cogan. Undertakers Xodrewtj & Son, Penarth Mew. tiaoob L Ituoper. Sslop Street. 4 .&J.. ———- 1 STIMULATING, SUSTAINING cUp —MADE INSTANTLY. A email spoonful of Cadbury's Cocoa, with bojlj I k I I I tng water or mint WI. make a large breakfast cup of the most delicious, di gesfcible, absolutely pure and nourishing cocoa, of the greatest strength and finest flavour, entirely free from any admixture. Is Pure, wholesome, and cheap, and hM no ""i'r:"r in the ¡narliet. í, ".J It I. 4' i IMPORTANT NOTICE: For every Descriptio of Household Furniture, Musical Instruments, Hardware, Cutlery, Garpets, &c., go to BE VAN & CO., LIMITED Registered as I' The Cardiff Furnishers," Furniture. Carpet and Musical Warehousemen whose continuall and rapidly expand- ing business enables them to buy larger and sell cheaper than ever DINING4 DRAWING AND BEDROOM SUITES, X70S "to mes lOs Carpets, Floorciauiis, Linoleums, Hearthrugs, &c., In Vast Variety and at Marvellous Pricest B ■font miitlia.-ing dmrlim call and see the MATCHLESS" OVERSTRUNG p lANOFORT a most magnificent instrument Forty Guineas! kusual -Uusic VVara bouse Price 55 to 60 Guineas T T y »'-TTTM TTt » < >TtT< I* » Delivery Free throughout Wales and Border Countis. I I Large Illustrated Catalogues just out, Gratis and Fosi Free. f'' .=.=. < 88r i i BEVAN,. Co. THE LARGEST BEST. AND CHEAPEST FURNISHERS IN THIS PART OF THE KINGDOM .> 4'<" r' C. W. H. TAYLOR. Cavendish House, I I Penartli « ( FIRST SHOW OF Spring and Summer Soods. eSB WINDOWS