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The Penarth Go-operative Industrial…

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May 30th bat there was appended, though this time without note or comment, the same summary of the Inspector's Report, as that on which was founded my Lords' Botincation contained in the letter of the earlier date. "A few days later we received the money itself amounting to £ 1101 19s 6ri. Thus all financial difficulty: for the moment dis- appears-but the Board are still placed in a very embarrassing position, inasmuch as they know not whether the Department now mean to affirm or to repudiate the view on which their letter of December 19th, 1894, appear to have been based the view, namely, that it would be unexpedient to incur this great expense for a result, after all, not entirely satisfactory, Inasmuch as in all probability, everything requisite will be capable of being obtained at a comparatively trifling cost after the opening of the new school. This is distinctly the view of the Board. Of course, they may be mistaken; but, however that may be, they submit that persons who are gratuitously per- forming a somewhat onerous public duty, oughc to receive a somewhat more business-like treatment at the hands of the Department. Your obedient servant, GEO. CARSLAKE THOMPSON, Chairman, Park Road, Penarth, August 7th, 1895.