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Notes and Comments.

A Darkey's Violence at Penarth.

Original Poetry.


x Dr. Hugh Findlay, Penarth.


x Dr. Hugh Findlay, Penarth. The ordinary sitting of Newport magistrates, last Briday, in consequence of the Brewster Sessions, was held an hour before the usual time. Messrs H. Phillips and J. S. Stone WP1'e pusctuslly in attendance but the court presented a deserted appearance. There was no charge sheet, and the only matter upon which the consideration of the Court was asked was an application by Mr Lyndon Moore, solicitor, that "Dr" Hugh Findlay (who gives his address as Windsor-ter- race, Penarth), should be further reminded for a week on the ground that the principal witness in the chief case, that of obtaining £54 worth of jewellery by false pretences, was Still un bl to attend pwinff to illness. The "doctor" offered no objection tJ tfo remand, but protested against being subjected to the indignity of being brought to and from Uwk as if he wera a convicted criminal. The English law, he declared, held every man innocent until he bad been proved guilty. The magistrates, however, told prisoner that they could not interfere with the arrange- ments of the police. Mr Moore informed prisoner that if he would promise not to attempt to escape from custody he need not be handcuffed. This appeared to satisfy the doctor," and he went below, having been remanded for another week. One of the Magistrates then inquired of the Head Constable whether they were entitled to white gloves or not, and added that if they (the magistrates) were, his size was 9J. Head Constable Sinclaire, however shook his head the wrong way, and the court was speedily cleared, the business having been despatched within 10 minutes. 0

Da Penarth, Gogan. and Llandough…

Lord Windsor and the Mayoralty.