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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. A Correspondent asks the question, Ts it right that those employed by the District Council should visit public houses daring business hours?" Of course that depends whether they go there for business pur- poses, or for the purpose of drinking. If for the latter, then all will agree it ought not to be done, and ratepayers would be perfectly justified in raising their voices against the practice. Our correspondent is satisfied that business has nothing to do with these occasional visits, and he feels it unjust that rate- payers should have to pay for time thus spent. We have no knowledge of who its referred to in the com- munication, but we would suggest that if there is anything wrong in the conduct of any of the Council's employees during business hours, that the Council be communicated with. and they will doubtless see that the evil is remedied. A waveoi strong temperance sentiment appears to be passing over Penarth. Not since the time when. the Blue Ribbon Movement was inaugurated many 1* years ago has there been evinced so much interest in the spread of total abstinence principles, as at the present time. Every organization seems to be i inspired to action, and all are now in the aggressive van, determined to make every effort to reach the fallen, and at the same time protect the young and virtuous from the snares which are set for them in every direction. The Good Templars are seeking to give effect to their obligation; the members of the British Women's Temperance Association are entering 0 upon a very important campaign the leaders of our Bands of Hope are seeking new methods to instruct and train the children in the way they should go; the temperance benefit societies are realising their responsibilities, and a new organization has sprung into existence, which will embrace all others, and at the same time seek to win individual members. With this new organization it is anticipated that all the Churches in the town and district will become, in a sense, federated. Every total abstaining minister is placed upon the roil of vice-presidents, and every Church is invited to elect a representative on the general committee of management. The total absti- pence question ought to receive the united support of the Christian Church, and by them it should be y recognised as one of its strong pillars. A special night will be selected for the holding of the public meetings of the Federation-the night which will be found to interfere the least with meetings and ser- vices of the Chribtian Churches, and this being the case, it is to be sincerely hoped that the Churches will realise the importance of the work of the Federation, and so arrange, as far as possible to recognise its fixed meetings as also a part and parcel of their work which must not be interfered with. If the Churches of Penarth can be brought to realise their responsi- bility in helping to reclaim the drunkard, and also to save the children from the powers of the drink curse, then there would be a revival-not, of temperance work only, but of Christian work, snch as has never been known for solidity in Penarth before. Efforts are now being made to increase the facilities for obtaining drink, and thus raising new barriers to Christian effort, and the question naturally arises, what are the Churches of the town doing to protect the people, the young especially, against the foe. Would that we could see them, as one, protesting against the introduction of new traps to catch the anwary. Their voices the magistrates could not withstand, but until that day arrives, or the power has been placed in the hands of the people, there will ba the danger of fresh licenses being granted. May the time soon come, when religion and total absti- nence shall go hand in hand, seeking trophies for the Master's Kingdom.

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