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Only a Lark --


Only a Lark AN ACTRESS IN A NEW ROLE. At the Penarth Police Court on Wednesday morn- ing, before Messrs Batcbelor, Thornley, and Trayes, Lily Delaney, an actress, appeared, weeping, in the defendant's box. Opposite to her was Mrs Margaret Howe, 10, Regent Street, Barry Dock, wife of William Howe, a rigger. The prosecutor, after frequent admonishments to speak up," preferred a charge against Miss Delaney. to the effect that up till last Monday, the 16th iust., the defendant, with other artistes, was living wifrh her. On the day in question she, (witness,) before Miss Delaney left, missed a chemise and nightdress from a drawer in a bedroom occupied by Miss Delaner. Information having been given of the disappear- ance of these articles, the police came to her bonse, and P.C. Brown instituted a search- The defendant thereupon opened a basket and banded-,out one of the garments. The value of the articles would be lol-. Cross-questioned, Mrs Howe admitted that Miss Delaney said she had put them in her basket for a lark. Cross-questioned more closely by the clerk, the complainant further verified this by siivino, that the prisoner said she had done it for a lark, or "something to that effect. Furthermore, witness thought she did, and only missed them the same day as they were found. Superintendent Giddings attempted |to shake Mrs Howe$testimony, hut the Bench pulled him up sharp, and the chairman, remarking that sucb larking was to dangerous performance, dismissed the c,.

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