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Correspondence. MASCULINE TEMPERANCE WORK. T'J the of the Penadh Chronicle. Dear Sir.—I noticed the prominence you recently gave to the above term, and I an, ghvi to find there is considerable latent power in Per.arth which is respond- ing to the recent bugle call of our County Councillor Shepherd and Mr Jones Thomas, and though the work of the Good Templars has been to some extent en camera they are proving themseh'e to he a fel power, and whilst their wagon has not made a great noise it comes laden with weighty freightage, one of its deliveries to the service of the newly formed Total Abstinence Federation for Andrew's Ilall, oil Wednes- day next, being no less a person than the Rev Tertius Phillips, of Cardiff, with two other men of power as overflows of the blessing to be felt in Cardiff next week by the annual gathering of the Western Temperance League. I am somewhat surprised, and I need not say heartily glad, to find th British Women's Temperance Association in Penarth, counts over 200 members, these, too, must be, and doubtless are, a power of no mean order. Then our Bands of Hope are doing a foundation work, which must befell in the future. We- would not undervalue our Church of England Temperance Society who are doing something for tha righteous war, though their attempting to stand on that ever dangerous and often fatal border land o f "moderation," which proves the pitfall to so many, weakens their power. Fanatics are we, forsooth well if so we are growing in numbers and we think the world has found we are growing in power too. Our lives are longer and our health is better than the devotees of beer and spirits. Let ns hope our three noble men on Wednesday next, will have an audience worthy of their vibit, and that the welfare of Penarth, will be advanced thereby. Let the Churches, as such, join hands with us. I believe the tirre is not far hence, when to be a minister of the church of Christ will mean to be an abstainer also, about nine-tenths of the Nonconformist ministers. Are abstainers now, this is a long way ahead of what used to be. 43 Yours faithfully, EDWARD SEAGRAVE. Penarth, September ]9tb, 1895.

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