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A Twopenny Cabbage Costs 4/6…

Mendicity and Mendacity.


Mendicity and Mendacity. At Wednesday's Penarth Police Court, P.C. Wm. Smith tesrified, Biblically, that a peripatetic, named Edward Davies, was seen at 6.30 p.m. on the 17th inst. at High Street; Barry begging from door to door. He therefore apprehended him and upon searching him at the station, found on his parson, 3/7, 2/7 being in coppers and I silver, together with a quantity of bread, cheese, cake, and meat. When questioned, the prisoner replied that he had safed the money to send to his wife in North Wales. Superin- tendent Giddings hereupon stated that a great number of complaints had been lodged at the station against this mendicant, and the Bench sentenced the patriarchal-looking and somewhat-surprised incorrog- ible to 7 days h*rd.

-.-A Batch of BaTry Blackguards…


Only a Lark --

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