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Penarth Cyclists, Beware!.



FOOTBALL. THE ABERGAVENNY MATCH. Most of the Welsh clubs turned out their.teams on Saturday, for a preliminary canter in the shape of a practice match, but Penarth was the only club of any importance that actually brought off their first fixture. Perhaps too much stress ought not to be laid on this the initial encounter, but looking at matters roughly, it may be regarded as one of the most successful opening matches that the Penarth club has bad for some years. Seeing that the game consisted of only two twenty-fives, and that four of the best of last years forwards were not in th) Penarth ranks, that our halves were new to each other, and that Hubert Alexander was not in his place, the defeat of Abergavenny by ten points was rather promising. The visitors were not by any means a mediocre set of men, and in previous years Penarth, have not been so fortunate in their first meeting with this club. They have constantly turned out a sturdy lot of footballers and in some respects have been to Newport a kind of, reserve ground to fall back upon. Many can remember the bold fight they made some few years back, when Cooper, Powell, and Co., played regularly in their teams. • £ At that time there was not much to choose between them and Penarth and if I remember aright, they actually brought off a draw on the Penarth ground. G Taking all these things then into consideration, the result of Penarth's match on Saturday, was an indication of good things to come. Beyond saying this, the match needs little comment. If there is any lesson it teaches it is this that our backs are all right. Clemence played a grand game especially in the second half, and his well judged kicks contributed in no small degree to keep the ball continually in the visitors territory. If Clemence Keeps up as he has commenced, he will do well. The halves as stated, were comparatively unacqnam- ed with each other's play, having only met in the practice match, but Prole fully justified his selection, and proved exceedingly smart in getting the ball from the scrum. Shepherd and he promise to make a brilliant pair. The three-quarters also showed up well. Hey wood has evidently been going in for some trainin the way he did his work, too, shows he is a capable man, There certainly was a slice of lack in his turning up to play for Penarth, just when a good centre was wanted to fill the place of that worthy old veteran, Dick Garrett. Herby Morgan exhibited all his old skill and perhaps Jack Alexander never played a better game. Jones, of Barry, too, showed improvement, and will make a splendid wing man, if promise goes for anything. He must watch however, that he does not over-run his centre man, as he did several times on Saturday. And now for the forwards. Although we have a plethora of three- quarter talent, the same cannot be said of the tfps. The forwards on Saturday were none too good. They were quite as good as the visitors but that is not saying very much- It is true that they were clever and speedy in the open, but against packs like Newport and Cardiff they would be altogether lacking in avoirdupois. Unfortunately Dai Evans and Peter Jackson are not available and Gibb.s won't be ready for some time. The committee, therefore, should constantly be on the look out for men of strength and speed, for if one or two of our limited number of forwards happened to be incapacited for some time The club would be placed at a very great disadvantage. Late Versus. Result Sept- 14 Abergavenny H Won 21 ElJbw Vale H „ 28 Poutymoiie A Oct; v 5 Wellington R 12 Neath A ( „ 1 Coventry A „ 26 Morriston H Nov 2 Llanelly H ) 9 Aberavon H 17 16 Newport A „ 23 Bristol A „ 30 Swansea H Dec- 7 Pontypridd H „ 14 Llanelly I A „ 21 Cardiff A 26 Devon port "Albion. A 28 Wellington A Jan. 4 Bath H 11 Newport H „ 18 Swansea A „ 25 Scotland^. Wales Cdiff Feb. 1 Neath H „ 8 Abergavenny A „ 15 Mornston A „ 22 Bristol H 29 Bath A March 7 Cardiff H „ 14 Pontymoile H „ 21 Gloucester., A „ 28 Aberavon A April 3 H „ 4 Plymouth A ft 6 Barnstaple • A J }, 11 Pontypridd, A „ 18 Gloucester H

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