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The Mars with a Pedigree.

A Penarthian in his Cups.

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Stanwell Road New Baptist…


r Infest modern principles, trefoil in shape, and pro- tected with handrails supported by light ornamental standards, a simple bonk hoard being placed in the centre, thas not confining the preacher to one par- ticular position. Behin I the preacher is an open 'baptistry (not closed over with iifting boards, as is -generally the rule) protected by similar railings, the bottom of which is reached by York stone steps, and -the bottom and sides being Hned with glazed cream- eoloured bricks. At the rear of the baptistry is the apse, wherein the choir and organ will be placed, raised one step 'alaove the platform, the choir being placed at a sloping angle to tbe congregation, suffi- cient room being left for additional choristers. Off "the platform are male and female retiring rooms with requisite lavatory accommodation, and also vestry for -the minister. Behind the apse is the parlour." 30ft. long by 18ft. wide, where prayer, recreation, literary meetings, etc., will be held. To afford communica- tion between the new buildings and the present school (now used as the chapel) a passage way will be constructed and glaoed in so as to form protection from inclement weather. The building wili be warmed by heating apparatus) but the makers have "i yet been stJlsefeed. The style of architecture which has been adopted by the architects, Messrs J. P. Jones, Richards, and Budgeni of Cardiff, is early perpendicular, and from what we can discern from the front elevation, will have a most uncommon and pleasing effect. The central portion is a gable flanked with octagonal tur- rets finished with crocketfced finials; between the turrets is a fine mullioned window filled with tracery the porch underneath is approached by two broad arches, the upper portion being filled in with rich tracery. Over the window is an inscription, and the gable is finished with fine crocketted finials. On either side of the central gable are sieep slated gables, with the ridges abutting on the central gable, the eaves well projecting over ranges of windows light- ing the gallery. At the sides are ample windows, the whole of wlylch, as well-as front, are glazed with cathedral lead lights, supplied by Mr Samuel Evan?, of Birmingham. The dressings are in Bathstone, and the front and side elevations up to the first buttresses are in Newbridge paving stone cuttings, the remain- der of the walling being in local blue stone. At an angle of the ground a cottage is to be erected for the accommodation of the caretaker. The contractor for the whole of the work is Mr Thomas Bevan (late Chairman of the Penarth Local Board), the Clerk of Works being Mr Williams, who 'for thirty years was employed under Lord Bute at the Cardiff Castle.