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rPenarth Boat Club.


r Penarth Boat Club. LADIES' SAILING RACE. A TIGI-IT TUSSEL. Quite a departure in sailing races, at least in the Bristol Channel, was initiated last Saturday afternoon, when, under the auspices cf the Penarth Boat Clob, a sailing race took place, the steerers being ladies. Though this iç; common enough on the South Coast of England, yet it was such a novelty he^e, that the raCS excited much interest, and undoubtedly marks a new era. The dextrous handling of the craft, moreover, bespoke almost, a full apprenticeship, and evoked the wannest encomiums from the experts witnessing the event. Perhaps the big-gest eye-opener was the way the yachts were jibbed round the West Cardiff. Two boats started, the Querida, sailed by Miss Heywood, and the Thorne, sailed by Mrs F. Mason. The course selected was eight knots, being from a mark boat, round West Cardifi Middle Buoy, and home, thence round the Middle and Hook Buoys and home again, Mr J. H. Vellacot the club's commodore, officiated as umpire. A. capitU start was effected, the line being crossed in the foil owing order:— H. M. S. Thorne 3 31 0 Quendit 3 31 30 The Queri ia, however, asserted her supremacy, and the first round was completed as follows :— H. M. S. Querida 4 20 30 Thorne 4 23 30 In the secand round the Thorne made up. a lot of lost ground, aud an excitiugly close finish was predicted. This proved so, the times being thus « H. M. S Querida 5 27 27 Thorne 5 28 8 Dtducting lime allow;.nee, the Thorne lost by 4lsecst

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