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FOOTBALL. (By ONE OF THE CROWD). A SUCCESSFUL PAST. Although the echoes of cricket have not yet died away, the advent of football will be hailed with keen delight by its many followers in South Wales. Numbers of our friends in the North, especially the lads from" o'er the Border," have been playing for some time, the hot weather notwithstanding and it is probably by way of emulation of these early birds" that Penartb set the ball rolling a week earlier than usual. To-day (Saturday) the Penarth campaign begins with the Abergavenny match, and let us hope that the season upon which we are now about to enter may prove to be a thoroughly successful one for the Penarth club in every respect. Certainly, our towns- men have a reputation to maintain, and they must strive to still keep Penarth the formidable football centre it has been for some time past. Looking back at the fixtures for the last two years, and seeing that they included matches with so many clubs pre-eminent in the world of Rugby football, and that out of the 65 matches tenaith only lost ]3, one cannot help thinking that Penarth piayers will have something to go on with to keep up this high state of excellency. A GATHERING OF THE CLANS. Judging by the practice match on Saturday last, our men mean business. What a gathering of the clans there was to be sure It certainly was the best practice match the Seasiders have had since they have. developed into a club of standing Men from Barry and Grangetown were there, and many promis- ing A" team playevs turned up. How the Grange men came tohearof the match no one can tell, but a regular 1, firry cross'' seems to have gone round and attracted them to Penart.b. The Committee, how- ever, should think twice before they definitely re- solve to play men from that quarter. The Grange is dangerously near Cardiff, and history repeats itself. Penartb has had considerable trouble with Ckrdiffians before. THE PLAYERS. Mortimer, who has-played at half for the Loratto School, was at the Penarth practice match on Satur- day, and did fairly vrell. Prole, from Grangetown, proved himself to be exceedingly smart, and I see the Committee have picked him for the match with Abergavenny. Hey wood will probably take the place of the old veteran Dick, but our friend Hey- wood must get himself in condition. Jones, of Barry, who played threequarter for Penarth last season, was in capital fettle, and Charley ELirby, Herby Morgan, George Shepherd, and Tom Dewar again gave promise of first-class work. Pengellev was particu- larly promising. He is a man who is always fit, and will probably take the place of Jackson in the pre- mier team. There was a big, raw-boned recruit from Grange who worked exceedingly hard in the for- wards, and will make a really good man when he gets a finish to his work. Edwards was quick, and Angove and Stamp deserve a word of enCOUI a.ement, Taking the watch altogether, it clearly shows that Penarth has young blood galore, and most promising ones, too. especially in the back division. The for- wards will have to be looked up. THE OLD PLAYERS. Many of the old Parliamentary hands were conspicuous by their absence. Evans has been removed to another district and will probably not be available this season. Dick Garret and Peter Jackson will probably retire With these exceptions Penarth will practically play last year's team. Gibbs and Hubert Alexander may not play tomorrow, but it is to be hoped they will soon turn up, especially Gibbs, who seems to be quite ready for work. Owing to the loss of Evans and Peter Jackjon the f,)rward depart- ment will want men of strength and speed. Peugelley and Williams of Barry are two good men, but in addition to these it would be:well, if possible, to have others to fall back on. ABERGAVENNY MATCH. To-morrow's match will show how Penarth men are going to shape. If we bave a strong team of for- wards the backs will do the work, and there should be no'di)Rciilty in defeatizig -the visitors.

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