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will, we Hope, in future>be avoided. Ths officers elected are gentlemen of well-known business abilities, and the Secretary, on whom will devolve the principal brunt of the work, although a paid official, is also an ardent and enthusiastic Liberal, who, as well for the cause, as for the X. s. d, will devote much. of his time and talent, to spread the principles of Liberalism The meeting- on Saturday, was practically one for business, but shortly, it is hcped, a s°ries of meetings will be held of an educational character, which shall help the young men of our town, who wql soon claim the privilege of the franchise, in the formation of true and righteous principles. The future lies before us, and we are threatened with a long period of Tory rule. but let us be prepared for any emergency ready at any time to meet our enemies in a struggle to win back the seat which our party has lost. For twelve years Mr Arthur J. Williams represented South Glamorgan in Parliament. For twelve years Liberalism reigned triumphant in this part of Walesi and although our flag has been lowered, ^nd today lies furled, yet it shall be again uplifted, and proudly shall it wave to the joy of every true liberal and noncon- formist. Many reasons may be assigned for Mr Williams's defeat. For several years his popularity has been on the wane, and although he was at the previous election returned by a large majority, yet it was principle, not man that won. Mr Williams was too confident; he evidently thought his position was impregnable, and looked upon it as "a great shame and presumption on the part of his opponent that be should be put to the trouble and expense of another contest.' Barely did Mr Williams meet with his constituents, save at an election time. Many little favours, which tell a big tale, were denied, and the consequence is he is. now out in the cold. Will he ever be the adbpted candidate again ? We think not. The remarks of the chairman of the Liberal Association £ last Saturday night, were rather significant. Our leaders must be on the look out at once for a candi- date who will secure the influence and undivided support of all sections of the party. Can such a man be found Yes and such men have already been named. But before any candidate can be brought forward, the District Association must be re-organised, and to this end Mr Batchelor, President of the Penarth Association, was asked to confer with Presidents of other local Associations. When this has been done, and our candidate selected, then we must put our shoulders to the wheel; we must work with untiring effort-not by fits and starts, when an election threatens us, but at all times, and we shall have the satisfaction of seeing our banner again unfurled, and 0 n South Glamorgan truly represented.