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¡ I ESTABLISHED OVER QUARTER OF A CENTURY, David Cornwell, A .PIss.;ey S]L18e-t; AND I b s-t;4e) -emu%, -lw- -W- PENARTH. W"UMI»' > illigft; Till llll"" W! Ill — ^nfflLMJn.i*Wr» llll IW Wirt"-T- ,õ.. PORK PIES, any size, 7|d per lb BEST PORK SAUSAGES, 8d per Ib HOIE CURED BACON AND HAMS (WHITE or Smoked). LEGS OF PORK, 6ld per lb EGlE MADE BRAWI, in Moulds, 8d per lb Just the thing for the Breakfast or Tea Table. i ,Wm9 1Ll!)t]l. PSi i 5$a tier and Qonfectiener 53, PLASSEY feTJKEET, I (Nex t door to Mr CorrweU, Butcher. )^and j The 'Decker' Bakery, Ludlow Street, Penarth. §ood gfome made and Pure Wfiofo STZeai 3BI JEH. JUL 11:30 CHOICE CAKE from 4d. to Is, per lb. Delieioas PASTRY of every Description. PARTIES CATERED FOR. Bread delivered daily to all parts of the Town. nil— ■■■■■■■■■ II ■ -S. Tabernacle Baptist Church. DURING pnuw Bf tm SERVICES Will be held on In AMREWS' LARGE HALL MORNING at ii. EVENING at 6.30. S 01310 O I_i- MORNING at 10. AFTERNOON at 2.3O. L. Cosslett, DRESSMAKER. 23.. WOOD STREET, FENARTEI. Newest Styles. Perfect Fit Guaranteed- ILFRACOINIBI:. Martin's I" OLIFTON" BOARDING HOUSE, I PLEASANTLY SITUATED. FEW MINUTES' WALK FROM PIER, AND CLOSE TO SEA. EXCELLENT NEWLY-FURNISHED DRAW- ING, DINING, AND BED ROOMS. TERMS VERY MODERATE. PURCHASE PIANOS FOR CASH AND SAVE 50 PER CENT AT The New Pianoforte and Organ Stores, 44, WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH, Next door to Messrs. Vaughan and Co., Dyers. Intending- purchaasers should see the HIGH CLASS INSTRUMENTS now on view at the above address before buying elsewhere. ALL INSTRUMENTS COME DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY, And can be Manufactured to suit the tastes of Customers. Pianos Tuned from 3s. 6d. PIPE AND REED ORGANS TUNED AND RENOVATED. ESTIMATES FREE FOR ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS. Pianos on Hire from 10/6 Monthly. If MISS RO WLES, Practical & Seieniillc DfissmaKer. PERFECT FIT AND STYLE. ADDRESS— FANCY BAZAAR, SEVERN HOUSE, PLASSEY STREET, PENARTH. Andrews' Hall, Penarth. MONDAY EVENING, SEP. 2nd. Under the distinguished patronage of 0 LORD AND LADY WINDSOR, MR. SNAZELLE, In his Unique and Beautiful Entertainment, Music, Song, Story and Travel, — Pictorially Illustrated. — ADMISSION-3,1-; 2/ and 1/ Reserved Seats nt Heath's Music Warehouse, Windsor Road, Penarth. GO TO THE CHRONICLE' OFFICE, For your 30 IP* srjLjra ira. It is the Bes-t and Cheapest. Hign Class Work a Speciality

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