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I Prevention of Cruelty to…


Prevention of Cruelty to Children. EFFORTS TO RAISE £ 40,000. LADY WINDSOR AND A PROPOSED BAZAAR. On Monday, a meeting of ladies and gentlemen, convened by Lady Windsor, was held in the Park Hall, Cardiff, for the purpose of considering he ad. visability of holding a bazaar at Cardiff in aid of the funds of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Lord Windsor presided, and amongst those also present were Lady Windsor. Lady Hill, Lady Leeds, the Mayoress of Cardiff (Mrs Carey), Mrs Grover Clydach Court, Pontypridd, and the Misses Grover, Mrs W. Morgan (Cardiff), Mrs Sweet-Escott and Miss M. Sweet-Escott (Penarth), Mrs Gwilym Williams (Miskin Manor), Mrs W. H. Morgan (Pontypridi), Mrs David (St. Fagan's), Mrs Jones-Powell (Pontypridd), Mrs Spickett (Pontypridd), Mrs Taylor, Mrs Franklen Evans (Castleton), Mrs Seargeaunt (Cardiff), Mrs Arthur (Penarth), Mrs C. T. Vachell, Mrs Nell and Miss Nell, Mrs Fredk. Edwards, Mrs Kemeys-Tynte, Mrs F. Evans, Mra L. Forrest, Miss A. Evans, MidS Maclean. Mrs H. Rees Jones, Miss Maud Rees,Jones, Mrs Handford, Miss Lipscomb, Mrs Insole, Mr Walter Insole, Mrs God- frey Clark, Mrs Powell-Morgan, Mrs Brocking (Frome). Miss Singleton, Miss Tregeiles (Penarth), Mrs C. W. H. Browne (Penarth), Mrs Beasley and Miss Beasley (Penarth), Mrs P. Morel (Penarth), Mrs Hibbert (Penarth), Mr Mark Whitwell (Bristol), Mr H. M. Thompson (Cardiff), Mr R. R, Chalk (sec- retary of the Pontypridd Branch), and Mr Donald Maclean (secretary of the Cardiff Branch). The Chairman, in opening the proceedings, ex- pressed regret that Miss England, who represented the head society, could not be present, by reason of a breakdown on the railway, and explained that there was now a movement to get up bazaars in every single county, if possible, and obtain the interest of all influential people in order to make those bazaars a success. He believed bazaais would be held in York- shire and in London. There was no limit as to the time. but he thought it would be more helpful if all the bazaars were held throughout the country at the same time, or as near as possible. What they would have to decide was whether they, repre- senting the very important County of Glamor- gan, and he believed a wider area, should hold a bazaar' so as to raise a substantial sum from the district. He hoped the bazaar would be held so that it would not clash with the proposed Infirmary bazaor. Mr Donald Maclean stated that the reason for hold- ing bazaars in various parts of the country was that owing to the financial difhculties of the society there was likelihood of some of the branches being with- drawn unless aid were given. The idea was to estab- lish a reserve fund of £ 40,000, and it bad been con- sidered that the best way to do no was to hold a series of bazaars to complete that worthy object. He had received letters fiom Lady Aberdare, Mrs Mackin- tosh of Mackintosh, Mrs Crawsbay Bailey, Mrs Jex Blake, Mrs J. H. Brain, Mrs Bage, Mrs John Duncan, Mrs Lascelles Carr, Mrs R. Cory, Mrs John Gunn, Mrs Marcus Gunn, Mrs Heathcote, Mrs Ingle- dew, Mrs Morgan Lindsay, Mrs Moxey, Mrs Thomp- son (St. John's Vicarage), Mrs T. Wallace, Mrs D. L Duncan, Mrs F. Evans, &c., all of whom sympathised with the object in view; and he noticed there were present also representatives from Bristol and other places in the West of England. So, as Lord Windsor bad remarked, the meeting was representative of more than Glamorgan. He did not think there could be very much difficulty in holding a very good bazaar in Cardiff. Mr Mark Whit will, Bristol, stated, in reply to the noble Chairman and the Secretary, that he could not hold any hope of the Bristolians giving any help to Cardiff, and that, besides, Cheltenham would be hold- ing a bazaar this year. Mr Chalk, hon. secretary of the Pontypridd branch, 1 promised support on behalf of Pontypridd and Mountain Ash, and he believed Newport would also cissist It was then decided, on the proposition of the Chairman, that a bazaar be held, provided a date could be fixed convenient to the snpportsrs of the society in Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire, and Somersetshire. A committee, comprising most of the ladies present, was appointed to fix a convenient date ib February, March, or April, 1896, and Mr Donald Maclean agreed to act as the hon. secretary. It was announced that promises to take up stalls had already been received from Lady Windsor, Lady Hill, Mrs Godfrey Clark, Mrs Gwilym Williams, Mrs Kemeva-Tynte, and Mrs Beasley; and also that Somerset would act along with Glamorgan in this matter. A vote of thanks to L )rd and Lady Windsor con- cluded the p. oseedings.

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