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Correspondence. THE LIBERAL "T WO HUNDRED." To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. Sir,-I was present at the meeting of the Liberal "Two Hundred" held on Saturday night last, and was surprised to learn that it had been considered ad- visable to elect a secretary and also an assistant-sec- retary. The question of paying- the secretary was referred to, and I quite agree with what was said, that services rendered should be paid for. I do not know whether it is intended to fix a salary for the assistant-secretary as well as for the one who occupies the more responsible position, but I hope not. In the interests of the association I think it vrould be far better to elect one officer,and hold him responsible for the due performance of all secretarial duties, paying him a proper salary, but if he should find an assist- ant necessary, that he (the secretary) employ one, and pay him out of his own fees. It would be better to pay one maD. well than to inadequately pay two, and find the work only half done. I have nothing against the gentleman elected as assistant-secretary lie may be as good or better than the secretary for aught I know, but I am anxious that the work should be done thoroughly, and that no chance shall be given, in case of neglect, for the blame to be saddled upon the one or the other's shoulders as an excuse. If it be pos- sible let us pay one man sufficiently well to enable him to look upon this work as his chief occupation, other engagements or employment to be subservient. I feel sure this must be done if we ever hope to regain our lost position. This" Two Hundred" must be prepared for other work than Parliamentary elections. District Council, County Council, and School Board elections will have to be fought on politicallineEl. We must always have our armour bright, and it will be the secretary who, to a great extent, will have to do. tEe polishing. i Yours truly, LIBERAL.

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