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THE Penarth & District BIUJOSTING COMPANY OFFICE:— 15, Windsor Road, PENARTH iillposting AND Advertising ALL ITS BRANCHES, IN ffJNARTB, (JOG AN, LLANDOUGH, LECKWITH, EASTBROOK, LAVHRNOCK Ac, &c, &c. HBgrrtfn ■■ — ,n —r- rosv COiJ 8 itS .S DE m Aft ( POWELLS 00. ASO MR ILM am BALSAS or as &-V w ANISEED Fof ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NIGH1 eqUCH, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, ANII ALL 0 LUNG TROUBLES. AFF AND RELIABLE & K«ta Wis lied 70 1* ears. Mart on Wrappers. Rewan di bw-AkIXM6 SOS n BY chemists EVERYWHERE. In Bodies, Vvi, 2/3, 4/6, and II/. JI T. PHILPOTT, Maohen Dai>»y, 84, WINDSOR ROAD PENARTH. Milk, Fresh Butter Poultry and New Laid Eggs. 4 Trial solicited. Quality Guaranteed. iLFRED TOWHILL, 79, Glebe Street, Penarth. • Oysters,Mussels, and Cockles. FRESH (lH PAILY < _n_ reseutation fflnife SPECIAL OFFER to the Readers of the Penarth Chronicle for a limited time. PRICE to the first 500 Applicants Is, Post Free Is. 2dL IMITATION IVORY AND TORTOISE SHELL; J. PHILLIPS, & CO. Cutlex*s. 13, IVL^XKr STREET r "'J.. e; II (I jj- t PRINTING AT SPECIALLY LOW PRICES. AT THE PENARTH CHRONICLE OFFICE LADIES1 & GENTS1 VISITING CARDS. 101 r INVITATION & "AT HOME" CARDS. The Cheapest House in the District. ww BOOKBINDING IN EVERY STYLE AiNi-) QUALITY ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES O* WORK Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth "Dftnf-1"Yr'C! ^i&TinC! ORGANS .H3 dollars Bp. DtJatbJ O naiLUO Warmed 10 years. Catalogue, free Address Douuei S. V&tty VV ashing- I un,New Jersey I Printed and Published by James Fergusson Pickford- at vus Vffice. Ai-cot-street and Pe;ia:-r». in the Coviily of Glamorgan.