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Fenarth, Cogan, and Ilandougb Horticultural Society. SEVENTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION. On Wednesday, from early morn until late at night, Cogan was all alive, that being the day for the seventh annual exhibition of the Penarth, Cogan, and Llandough Horticultural Society. As each year's show has been held it has grown in importance, and it now stands second to none in the district, of course excluding Cardiff. The weather was all that could be desired, the sun shitting brilliantly. The attendance of visitors during the afternoon was not so large as usual, but this was more than compen- sated for by the crowds which thronged every part of the show in the evening. The dancing was a source of very great attraction, hundreds paying for admission. This was carried on without intermission during the whole of the evening in two large rooms, but bad these been treble the size, they would have been inadequate to meet the demands of the young people. Great disappointment was felt that there was no ambulance competition. Every effort was made to get competition, but without avail. The reciting competitors, for which a special prize was given by Mr VV. L. Morris, J.P., was very good. There were several children who entered, and these 1 all did well, but Mr Waugh, the adjudicator, had no difficulty in deciding to whom to award thb prize. Miss Dottie Ram, Penartb, carried off the trophy. An attractive feature in the evening's entertainment was the hinging of a select choir, led by Mr J. F. Proud. A number of solos were also rendered. A choice selection of music was performed during the after- noon by the Penarth Orchestral Band, and this same party also did service during the evening for the terpsichoreans, In the absence of Lady Windsor, through a misunderstanding on the part of Lord Windsor, Air W. L. Morris, J.P., chairman of the Penarth District Council, performed the opening ceremony, and, in the course of a short speech, said he was proud to observe the cultivation of allotment gaidens among the working classes was becoming better each succeeding year. The judges of the horticultural section were Messrs J. Pettigrew and S. Treseder, and the«e declared they had never seen better cottagers' exhibits. Miss Bale, needlework in- structress, Cardiff School Board Mr R. Monro, mana- ger Penarth Slipway: and Mr James Waugh, M.A., Higher Grade School, Cardiff, were the judges of the industrial classes; and Mr J. H. Payne, Gloucester, judged the birds. The show was the largest yet held, the enteries numbering over 1.000, and to the secre- tary, Mr Hall, and his assistant, Mr R. Price, must be accorded much credit for the efficient manner in which they discharged their onerous duties. The Right Hon. Lord Windsor is president of the Society, and F. B. Jotbam, Esq., C. C. is the treasurer. The following is the list of awards:- PLANTS AND ELÜWERS. Drvison A.—Cottagers of Penarth, Llandough, and Cogan. Six Pansies-1, T Taylor, Cogan 2, W Deacon, Sully; 3, T Rosser, Cogan Roses—2, T Rosser, Cogan Begonias-l, H Janes, Cogan 2, W Exon, Cogan; In 3 A Redwood, Cogan Geraniums—1, W Exon 2, H Janes; 3, C Red- mond, Cogan Musk-I, R Smith, Cogan; 2, M A Jeffs, Cogan Window Plants-I, H Janes; 2, W Deacon; 3, W Exon Stove Plants—1, T Taylor; 2, J Brown, Cogan Fuchsias—1, E Knapp, Cogan 2, W Exon; 3, W Deacon Stove or Greenhouse Plants-I, T Taylor; 2, J Brown Bouquet of Wild Flowers-l Mrs Lewis, Penarth; 2, E Powler, Llandough Basket of Wild Flowers-1, T Richards, Cogan; 2, J David, Llandough Boquet of Garden Flowers—1, T Taylor; 2, G Selby, Cogan Best, specimen plant, not included in above—M A Jeffs, Cogan Two Geraniums, open to cottagers with greenhouses -1, T Taylor 2, J Brown Two Fuchsias-T Taylor FRUIT. Apples-I, J Brown; 2, J David, Llandough; 8, W Deacon. Gooseberries-I, R Smith; 2, W Deacon. Black Ciirrants-P, Smith. Red or WhIte Currants—R Smith Blackberries-I, ,J David; 2, Ethel Davies, Llan- dough Specimen of any other truit—J David VEGETABLES. Kidney Potatoes—1, F Thvers, Cogan; 2, R Stephens, xollgate; 3, G Selby, Cogan Round Potatoes-], E G Morgan, Cogan; 2 J Jeffs, Cogan 3, C H Morgan, Llandough Coloured Potatoes—1, J David 2 WFox Co^an • J Brown 5 ° Two Citiliflowers-1, R Smith 2, A Redwood: 3 J Jeffs Oelery-l, E G Morgan; 2, R Smith 3, W Deacon Carrots—1, H Janes; 2, R Smith; 3, C Venn, Penarth Parsnips—1, Jos- Sanders, Cogan; 2, A Rowles, Cogan; 3, G Selby Spring Onions—I, H Janes; 2, W Deacon; 3, T Rosser Autumn Onions—1, J Jeffs; 2, H Janes; 3, R Smith Peas—1, R Smith; 2, A Redwood; 3, W J Leaver, Cogan Runner Beans-I, It Smith; 2, F Thyers; 3, T Rosser Dwarf Beans-I, James Barnett, Cogan; 2, R Smith 3, H Janes Broad Beans-1, R Smith; 2, J Brown; 3, E G Morgan Cucumbers—1, A. Redwood; 2, J Jeffs 3 H Janes Red Cabbage—1, W Morris, Cogan; 2, James Barnett; 3, T Thomas, Penarth White Cabbage—1, R Parham, Penarth 2, W J Leaver; 3, H Janes 'l'urni p-l, T Rosser 2, J Jeffs 3, G Selby Lettuce—1, W Morris; 2, G Selby; 3, F Thyers Mariows—1, G Selby 2 H Janes 3, J Jeffs Eschalots—1, Joseph Sander; 2, T Rosser; 3, J Jeffs Leeks—1, F Thyers 2, G Selby; 3, J Jeffs Rhubarb—1, T Rosser; 2, E Morgan; 3, H Stephens Collection of Potatoes, six distinct sorts-I J Jeffs; 2, J David; 3 A Redwood Basket of Pot-herbs—1 G Selby 2, J Brown 3, A Redwood Best specimen of any other vegetable—W Fox Beet—1, R Smith 2, A Redwood 3 J Jeffs DIVISION B. Open to Cottagers of Leckwitb, St Andrew's, Dinas Powis, Michaelstone, Sully, and Wenvoe. PLANTS AND FLOWERS. Fuchsias—W Miller, Michaelstone Hand bouquet of cut garden flowers-I, A Coombs, Dinas Powis 2, W Miller Best specimen of any plant except fuchsias—W Miller Window plants, four distinct varieties-1, W Miller; 2, L Williams, Leckwith Bouquet of wild flowers, with leaves and grasses, open to cbilden attending an elementary school in any of the above-named parishes—1, C Williams, Leck- with 2,-H Greatrex, Michaelstone FRUIT. Apples—1, J Jeffs, sen, Dinas Powis; 2, F John, Dinas Powis Gooseberries-E John, Diaas Powis Currants-l, E John; 2, L Williams, Leckwith Best specimen of any other fruit-I, T Matthews, Dinas Powis; 2, E John VEGETABLES. Kidney Potatoes—1, C Coombs, Dinas Powis; 2, W Hedges, Leckwith. Ronnd Potatoes-I, W Cox' Michaelstone 2, H Hall, Dinas Powis. Carrots—2' E John. Parsnips—1, L Williams; 2, W Hedges. Peas—1, E John; 2, Mrs Hadley, Dinas Powis. Runner beanS-I, W Cox; 2F Matthews, Dinas Powis Uucumbers-l, G John, Dinas Powis 2, C Ooombs. Marrows-I, C Coombs; 2, L Williams. Spring onions-I, C Coombs 2, J Jeffs, sen. Broad beans -1, J Berry, Eastbrook; 2, E John. Cabbage, red and white—1, W Hedges; 2, L Williams. Basket of vegetables-t, W Cox 2, L Williams. Celery- 1, C Coombs; 2, W Cox. Turnips-O Cox and W Coombs equal. Cauliflowers-I, T Spear, Dinas Powis; 2 W Miller. Esebalots-1, C Coomb's, 2 r npa,. "V"t DIVISION 0. Open to all residing within a 20 miles radius of Caidiff. PLANTS AND FLOWERS. stove and greenhouse plants in bloom—1, A Dun- can, Penarth gardener, T. Blackmore. Exotic ferns -1, A Duncan; 2, T R Thompson, Penarth (gar- dener, T Richards. Roses-i, J L Thomas, (gar- dener, T Malpass); 2, W Moore, Wenvoe. Bouquet for the hand-J Stapleton, Barry. Fuchsias—T Taylor. Coleus—1, W Treseder, Cardiff; 2, J Stapleton, Barry. Best wreath—I, W Treseder 2 J Stapleton. Asters, six distinct-1, George Drake, Canton 2, J Howe, Llandaff. Dahlias—1, W Miller; 2, James Johnson, Barry Dock. FRUIT. Black grapes—1, Miss Rous, Coutyrala (gardener, T Greatrex); 2, J L Thomas. White grapes—1, A Duncan 2, Miss Rous. Peaches—Miss Rous. Melons -1, A Duncan 2, Bishop of Llandaff (gardener, W Davies). Apples, dessert—7, T R Thompson 2, General Lee (gardener, Pugsley). Pears, dessert- 1, Miss Rous; 2, General Lee. Best specimen of fruit, not includir.g grapes, apples, or peaches—13 D T Alexander, Dinas Powis; 2, Miss Rous. VEGETABLES. Collection of vegetables-I, W Moore; 2, Shewer- ing, Canton 3, Miss Rous. Peas-I, W Moore 2, Shewering. Cucumbers-I, George Drake, Canton 2, General Lee. Tomatoes-I, Shewering 2, J L Thomas, Runner beans—1, Shewering 2, W Moor1. J Cauliflowern,-I, W Moore; 2, General Lee, Celery ¡ -1 G Selby; 2, W Moore. Spring onions-I, — M General Lee; 2, C Coombs. Leeks—1, T R Thomp- son; 2 Miss Rous. Beet—1, W Moore; 2, Miss Rous. Best collection of vegetables, not including potatoes, open to cottagers in Penarth Urban Council District. Prize given by Mr T Ernlyn Jones, Penarth -J. Brown. SPECIAL PRIZES (HORTICULTURAL) SECTION. I.-OPEN TO DIVISION C. Collection of vegetables, grown from seeds sup- plied this season by Messrs Clibran and Son, Oak- field Nurseries, Altrincham, Cheshire—1, Gen. Lee; 2, A Redwood Collection of vegetable?, produce of seed supplied in 1895 by Messrs J. C. Wheeler and Sou, seed growers, Gloucester-J, General Lee; 2, T R Thompson Collection of vegetables, grown from seeds sup- plied by Mr J Green, F.R.H.S., Norfolk Nurseries, Dereham—J Brown, Cogan 11, GENER.AI,. • Messrs Nurton and Co's specials, open to Divison A. Exhibits to be grown from seeds or plants sup- plied by them :—Cauliflowers—R Smith- Peaa R Smith. Celery-It Smith Basket of vegetables (prizes given by W Wiliiamg, Esq, Cogan Hotel) open to Division A—1 J Jeffs 2, R Janes Best collection of vegetables in the show grown by an exhibitor in Division A—J Jeffs. J'rize, P. hand- some cruet given by T Emlya J ones,|Esq. iron- monger, Penarth Best collection of vegetables grown in the viTlge of Llaiidougl-i-v. Stephens, Llandough. Prize, a prime Wiltshire ham, given by Mr J Griffiths, Post Office, Liandough Best dish of 12 cooking apples, open to cottagers of Division A (prizes given by D. Morgan, Esq., Woodland House, Penarth-i-l, W Deacon; 2, E Rowland. Llandough Best stocked and kept Cogan allotment garden, measuring less than 15 perches--L G Selby -2, H Janes; 3, F Thyers and R Suckle equal. Third prize given by Mr Harris, Cogan. Best stocked and kept Cogan allotment garden, measuring 15 perches or more. Second and third prizes given by Messrs W L Morris and T R Wadley respectively—1, R Smith 2, J Brown B, J Sanders Best bouquet of wild flowers, with leaves and glasses, open to children attending Cogan Board and Llandough National Schools- Prizes given by Mr T Rosser, Cogan Handsome ca&3 of silver mounted carvers, given 9 by Messrs Lever Bros, Port Sunlight, to the amateur exhibitor who gains the greatest number of poinls in the Horticultural Section 2nd prize, a handsome bound volume, The Culture of Flowers and Veget- ables from Seed," given by Messrs ton and Sons, Reading. Points to be counted as follows-Ist, 3; 2nd, 2 3rd, 1— 5 The winners of these prizes are not yet know. INDUSTRIAL SECTION. Woolen-made shirt—Mrs Powel, Cogon Cotton Sbirt-yIrs Tutton, Cogan Pair hand-knitted stock- ing—1, Miss Corbetfc, Cogan; 2, M Fry, Coo-aa Hand-made hearthrug—R D Cusworth Best made girl's frock—Mrs Harris, Penarth vV oolen antima- cassar-inirs Lewis, Penarth Patchwork cnsbion- 1 M A Nash, Llandough 2 Mrs H Williams. Cogan; 3 Mrs Lewis Door mat—1 R Cusworth 2 E Cus- worth Fretwork—1 E Green, Penanh; 2 \V E Watts, Penarth Footstool—1 R Smith, Cogan; 2 W Sanger Collection of curiosities—1 C Festora/ zi; 2 E Harvey; 3 extra, Miss Reeves, Llandough Crochet work—1 Miss M A Nash 2 Mrs Lewis Patchwork quilt-2, Mrs J F Bradley, Penarth. Decorated bracket-Mrs Lewis Uonfine'i to children of elementary Schools.—Best written copy of Lord's prayer-l A Diaper 2 H Murray 3 A Lansdown Best written copy of the 23rd Psalm-l Sidney Thomas; 2 J Fraser; equal thirds, W R. Tippett, Florence Cann and T Jones Best map-I R Dewar; 2 G Parker; 3 R Church Freehand di-awiiig-I Reginald Davies; 2 G Parker; equal thirds, J Fraser. R Church and A Rowles Water-colour land- scape—C Festorazzi Do marine—W E Watts Crayon—C Festoraazi Macrama—1 Lieien Giles; 2 J Fraser Crewel work-l Mrs Pavey. Penarth 2 Mrs Lewis Slippers-P Pavey. BIRDS. Class 1.—Norwich Clear Yellow: 1st and special, Harvey and Hall, Cogan; 2nd, S. Bother wny, Glou- cester; 3rd, Harvey and Hill, Cogan; 4th, H. E. Watts, Penarth. Very highly commended, S Bother- way, Gloucester; commended, ILrvey and Hall, Cogan. Class 2.-Norwich Clear Buff 1st, 2nd, and ètth, Harvey and Hall, Cogan; 3rd at, d highiy-counneiiaed W. E. Watts, Penarth. 7 Class 3.—Norwich, Ticked, Marked, or Variegated 1st, S. Botherway, Gloucester 2nd, 4th, and com- mended, Harvey and Hall, Cogan: 3-d, G Sam pson, Cardiff. Very highly commended and highly com- mended, J. H. Voice, Pains wick. ° Class 4.—Norwich Crest—Any colour: 1st and special, R. Waters, Cardiff; 2nd an 4th, Mr, G W. Joyce, Wellington 3rd, W. L- aud E. J. H->gley,