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Weekly Notes by Quirkquequip.

Cricket. -

lHonours for Lord Windsor.

Shooting Competition

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

CleveclGD. Very highly commended and highly com- tD mended, Harvey and Hall, Cogan. (28ass 5.-iNorwicli-Ci-Qst brea 1st, W J-J. ana E. J. Kag-lev, Clevedoa.; 2nd, 4th. and very highly commended, Ifiirvey and Hall, Cogan 3rd, Mrs A. M. Cook, Tfrarkf-t Drayton. Highly commended, R. Wafers, Cardiff. zn Class 6.—Yorkshire—Clear Yellow, elf Buff: 1st and special, 4th, and very highly commended, B. Gwyther, Cardiff; 2nd, and 3rd, F. n. Parish, Neathj Clnss 7.—Yorkshires—Ticked, Marked, or varie- gated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, R. Gwyther, Cardiff; 4th, and highly commended, F. n. Palish, Neath. Very highly commended, E. G. Danger, Aberdare com- mended, R Lewis. Penarth. Cbss S.-Cinnamon: 1st, 2nd, and very highly commended, S. Botherway, Gloucester. Class 9 —Scots Fancv 1st, special, and 4th, G. Luxtori. Nail sea 2nd, D. McL^llan, Bridgend; 3rd, A. Y. Kinnersley, Cardiff. Very highly commanded, highly commended, at.cl commended, A. Harrington. Cardiff, Cass "10.—Matched Piiirs, any variety: 1st, Har- vey and Hall, Cogan; 2nd, R. Gwyther, Cardiff; 3rd. Mrs IvI. A. Cook, Ma ket Drayton; 4th, F. H. Pa-iish, Neath. Very highly commended, R. Lewis, Penarth. Class 11—Selling Class: 1st. 4th, highly com- mended. and commended, Harvey and Hall, Cogan 2nd, VV". E. Watts, Penarth 3rd, W. L. and E. J. Hagley, Clevedon. Yerv highly commended, A. Y. JCinuefsl ev, Cardiff, I Class 12.-Miii(-Is, any variety 1st and special, H. Gwyiher. Cardiff. Class 13.—British Goldfinch or Bullfinch 1st, G. Bird, Bristol 2nd, E. Gwyther, Cardiff; 3rd, W. Gabriel, Neath; Lith, G. Sampson, Cardiff. Very bigh ly commended, Harvey and Hall, Cogan highly commended, E. Hill, Penarth; commended, H. Janes, Cogan. Class .14.—Any other variet small British bird 1st, special, ansl 2nd, J. Joyner, Gloucester 3rd, G. Bird, Bristol- 4th, Mrs M. A. Cook, Market Drayton. Very highly commanded, G. Sampson. Cardiff; highly commended, R. Gwyther, Cardiff; commended, Haivey and Hall, Cogan. Class ]5i-Auy variety large British bjrd: 1st, J. Bro A/n. Cogan 2nd, G. Moon, Cogan; 3rd, W. Davies, Penarth. Very highly commended, H. Janes, Cogan; kighly commenced, A. Povey, Penarth. Class Iii. Foreign Bird, any variety: 1st, 2nd, and 4th, Griffi hs and Proctor, Bristol; 3id, Harvey and Hall, Cogan- Very highly commended, W. L. and E. J. lla^ley, Clevedou. SPECIAL CLASSES. Confined to Penarth Urban Council Dristrict. Class 17.-Hyc1e's Electro-plated Tea Pot 1st Jlarvey and Hall, Cogan. Class 18.—Caperns Medals for Best Blackbird or Thrush, fed on Capern's new food lsl, J. Brown, Cogan 2nd, G. Moon. Cogan.- Closs 19.-Capern's Medals for Best Goldfinch, fed on Capern's finch food: 1 st, W, E. Watts, Penarth 2nd, Harvey and Hall, Cogan. OPEN SPECIAL PRIZES. Six pounds of Ainsley's Universal, for the best Norwich Plain Head in the show, won by Messrs Harvey and Hall. Ungan, Six pounds of Ainsley's Universal Food, for the best Crest or Crest Bred, won by H. Waters, Cardiff. One box of 4i Spratt's Patent Cage Bird Food, for the best Yorkshire Canary, wen by R. Gwyther, Cardiff. One box of "SpnUt's Patent" Cage Bird Food, for the best Cinpamon or Scots' Fancy Canary, won by G- Luxton, Nailsea- One box of Spratt's Patent" Cage Bird Food, for the best exhibit in Classes 10 and 12, won by R. Gwyther, Cardiff- Prize value 10s, given by Mr E. J. S. Tucker, Penarth, for the most poiuts in Classe's .1 to 5, won by Haif a Bushel of Mixed Bird Seed, given by Messrs N. Rees and Son, Cardiff, Avon by Handcome Bronze Medal for the best British Bird an the show, won by J. Joyner, Gloucester. EXTRA SPECIAL. Fourteen pounds of Canary Seed, given by Mr E. J S. Tucker, for be,t. Yorkshire Cana:y exhibited by a local fancier, won by R. Lewis, Penarth- A handsome Silver 1\1 eclal, ji ŒI1 by vV. L. Morris, Esq-, J. V., for the best Canary exhibited by a fancier residing in the l'eaarth Urban District Council area, won by Harvey and Hall, Coyan.