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Yon can be Cured

i 3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment.…


The lats Tory Victories inI…

t Penarth District Council.


Exciting Scene off Penartli…



•t&jniji. There is" no retisenoe about the girl. She as she thinks, and is always ready to give ipr%py^i«ia -^bea, requested. If it do not happen tStagreS with uia't of the seeker,«it will at any rate tjeJifttiest and genuine, and based upon- substantial Sorreet .though her judgment rally was, in one jince affection foMn'ded <5Wz! rr.-rt* to plainly evident fapft. This exception was htr lather. In him. she <^ld see no wreng. His defects were sfll excusable OTbJes in his daughter's eyes. I believe, indeed, she was-generally unconscious of their existence. It is a s|pg»lar' thing that this stamp appear ijpjsSess a curious attraction for*" those with whom tfeey nauoh assoeiate. Adele had eonoeived a strong affection for her husband before she died Gertrude and Natalie both loved and respected lirird the clerks in the office at Augustine Close had an intense rever- ence for their employer, and never spoke of him but in the most respectful terms even Parl, who lived upon and humbugged his patron every day of his existence, entertained a species of sneaking regard for Van Flewker. I cannot explain the reason of this. It may have been the unconscious influence which a man of powerful wiil and strongly concentrated desires exerts upon all weaker natures that come within his vortex. Raymond White was the only person in the merchant's service with sufficient independence of mind to judge his employer by Ms actions, and to find him sometiimes wanting. He had not yet, I suppose, "fallen under the power of the spell. Opposite Gertrude, this keen January morning, sits Mademoiselle Lagrange. A small, lithe figure, with dark glossy hair, strongly-marked eye-brows, almost meeting in the centre of her forehead, sparkling black eyes, and a swarthy face. Quick, active, and vivacious, her rapid movements and gestures contrast strangely with the rather slow and dignified manner of her pupil. Energy—repressed and kept down in a certain degree by a firm will—is clearly Natalie's .distiniruishipr;- characteristic.