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t Penarth District Council.


Exciting Scene off Penartli…


Exciting Scene off Penartli Beach. PENARTHIAN'S PLUCKY PROMPTITUDE. An exciting scene was witnessed off Penarth Beach on Saturday afternoon last. Two little girls, Margory, a?6o, 7'and Phyllis, aged 4, daughters ot Mr Merril fV/8?,eld'.(D0ff staying- at Cwrt-y^vil), a brother of Mr Merril, Solicitor, Cardiff, were playing on the landing stage opposite the life-boat house, when the younger fell into the water. The elder one at once jumped in to her sister's assistance, but the tide which was then ebbing strongly took both of them down channel. The children's perilous condition was fortunately observed by Mr Joseph Penning, and Mr Alfred Parkman, who were on shore. Both being excellent swimmers, they ran along the stage, took headers and swimming out: nearly 50 yards managed j to secure them ere they sank and brought them safely back to terra firma amid the plaudits of those who had witnessed the exciting occurrence. Happily, the children are none tha worse for their immersion, and steps are afoot to make tangible recognition of the 1 commendable promptitude and pluck of their rescuers. ¡ ——„ j