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The lats Tory Victories inI…


The lats Tory Victories in Wales. NOT MUCH TO BOAST OF. MERE MATTTER OF LOCAL CON- SIDERATIONS. CONSTITUENCIES WILL RBTrfRN TO THEIR ALLEGIANCE. The Welsh correspondent of the Liverpool Mercury says Under the changed circumstances of political representation the new Parliament presents an un- familiar appearance from a Welsh standpoint. Four Dew Liberal members have been el cted in Mon- mouthshire, Swansea. Arfou, and Anglesey, and six r_1 old Liberal members have disappeared by defeat. The old proportion of 31 to o has been changed into the less favourable proportion of 25 to 9. The pre- ponderance of Welsh Liberalism in the 1892 Parlia- ment had rather accustomed one to the idea of a per- manent 10 to 1 ratio, and from that point of view the present situation does not appear in the nature of a calamity* But when the matter is regarded from a Comparative standpoint, it must uot be forgotten that, after all, a 3 to 1 majority of representatives is a sub- stantial triumph for the Liberal party in Wales. A great deal has been said of Tory England; but the npresentation of England is only just as Tory as the representation of Wales is Liberal. And, of course, it must not be forgotten that the reverse of last month is but the foundation of activity in Wales, and there is no reason to doubt that Wales will yet again con- firm the 1892 verdict by as great a majority as was given in that year. Into the general causes of de- feat it would be useless to inquire, but it is perfectly well known that in three of the six lost seats local, Considerations overweighed all Imperial questions, and it is confidently believed that these constituencies will return to their old allegiance at the first time of asking" As to the other three constituencies, it only requires persistence and patience to secure a reversal .of last month's verdict.

t Penarth District Council.


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