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His Optics in Mourning.


His Optics in Mourning. ALLEGATIONS AGAINbT THE POLICE. At Wednesday's Police Court, Penarth, before Messrs P. Morel and W. L. Morris, a burley-looking navvy, named Thomas Riley, of Cadoxton, with his "daylights" variegated, appeared for judgment. P.C. 89 deposed that Riley, on the 10th inst., at 6.45 pm-, was in Holton-road very drunk and cursing and swearing. When arrested he threw himself on the ground and kicked the officer several times. Another constable who appeared on the scene was also similarly treated by the ruffian- Arriving at the charge-room, it took three men to hold him down while he was being searched. P.O. 424 corroborated, and said tke prisoner acted like a madman. Riley, however, denied the charge in toto, and alleged that the police kicked him in the ribs and actually kicked him into his cell, and, moreover, dis- figured his face, blacking both his eyes- The allegations the Bench discounted by fining him 1013 and costs, or 10 days, for the assaults on the police.