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t-----Penarth District Coliilcil,…


t Penarth District Coliilcil, TOWN'S FINANCES. PUBLIC SEATS AND ALLOTMENTS. BUNKUM AND FLAPDOODLERY. OPEN SPACES QUESTION. The ordinary monthly meeting of this authority was held on Monday night. Mr. W. L. Morris, J. P., presided, and was supported by Messrs. D. Morgan, H. Snell, L. Purnell, R. Guy, R. Bevan, D. Rees, and J. Pavey. The collector submitted his monthly statement showing thatduring June, £ 46-14-0 had been collected of the General District Rate, the recoverable amount being £ 3437-11-11. Of the private improvements £ 58-16-0 had also been secured, leaving outstanding £ 1882-0-2. To the treasurer £ 102-4-9 had been paid leaving a balance in collectors hands of £ 3-15-10. The statement for July showed that £ 1251-10-5 of the General District Rate had been collected, the recover- able amount being £ 2286-1-6, whilst towards the private improvement account, £ 63-4-10 was secure 1, the outstanding amount being £ 1818-15 4. Paid to treasurer £ 1214-14-7. Balance in hand £ 3-10-6. On the motion of Mr. Snell, seconded by Mr. Morgan the seal of the Council was affixed to the agreement of the Taff Vale Railway to construct a footway lead- ing from Cogan to Penarth Dock Station. Mr. R. Bevan moved, and Mr. Snell seconded, that the Councils seal be also attached to the document authorising the borrowing of the necessary money for the purpose of widening the old parish road towards Lower Penarth. Carried. The plans recommended by the Public Works Committee were similarly stamped. A boatman's license was granted to Williamson and another to Linstrop, whilst a game license was granted to Mr. Fennel. It was elicited that nothing bad been done re Smith's claim, that Batchelor and Snowden's claim was still in abeyance, and that with respect to Sunday boating no restrictions had been put on the licenses. A letter was read from Captain Lindsay to the eflect that he was unable to give another constable to Penarth, and advised the Council lo write to the Joint Police Committee for additional police. In answer to Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Morgan stated that negotiations with Mr. Solomon Andrews were so far advanced as to make the Ludlow Lane Urinal a thing of the past, for its speedy abolition or improvement would soon be un acoomplifait. (Hear, hear). In view of the recent cab and cycle accident at the bottom of Beach Road, Mr Morgan's suggestion that something be done to prevent further accidents result- ed in the Surveyor's being directed to write to the Cyclists' Union for a notice warning "This place is dangerous to Cyclists." Mr Purnell having remarked that in consequence of the recent heavy rains the earth bad sunk four or five inches near the kerbing and channelling in certain places in Westbourue-road, and that this was a source of danger, The Surveyor said he had already given instruc- tions to the foreman to attend to the matter, as well as to the wiring and securing of certain trees which had been affected by the late violent gales. The (ilerk observed that the new bye-laws relating to omnibuses, lately approved by the Lccal Govern- ment Board, now gave the Council power over the 'buses running to and from Cardiff. An account of X47 10s for another horse for the Council was passed, The Surveyor observing that the animal had given satisfaction to the vet., Mr Stewart. The Local Government Board having obtained par- ticulars as to the extra duties about to be imposed on Mr T. Meazey, and having- sanctioned the imposi- tion, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr Furnell, seconded by Mr Snell, to increase the inspector's stipend by the princely and prodigal sum of £10 per 365 days, Mr Meazey to reciprocate this lavishness by smoke testing all new drains, inspecting all new I bouses, and to otherwise make himself "generally useful" (outside his Inspectorship of Nuisances duty) if so required, Ihe Surveyor significantly reminded the Council that Mr Meazey was not under him, but nevertheless had always been ever ready to give extra time and labour to anything appertaining to the public weal. 'I he Clerk was instructed to break to Mr Meazey the news gently in instalments, and see that the medi- cal officer was handy when he did so. A Jot of bunkum over Mr Thomas Griffiths, the recently-appointed clerk of the works, having been indulged in, it was magnanimously decided to pay him for the work he had actually done for the Council; Mr H. Bevan brought on again the question ot the lighting of Arcot-street. He with Mr Snell had been appointed a committee under the old regime to report on the matter. The incandescent light having been voted a failure, it was now a point as to whether the Council should adopt the recommendation of the old Board or appoint another committee; the question of the better lighting cf the lower end of Lord-street also demanded urgent attention. Upon the Chairman's suggestion, the same commit- tee was re-appuiated, and requested to report on the matter at an early opportunity. Regarding the Cogan allotments and the brush with the Bute, the Council, after hearing the reading of the petition from several Cogan would-be allot- ment holders, decided, after considerable discussion, that Messrs L. Purnell, R. Bevan, and R. Guy be ap pointed to investigate the matter, and secure an out- sider's opinion as to whether the land now offered them by the Windsor Estate, to wit, Mr Morgan's field, was suitable or not; as the Act for compulsory hiring could not be enforced against the Bute when suitable land was offered in the same vicinity. Mr Guy, wishing to know what the Open Spaces and Recreation Committee were doing, was informed by the Chairman that Mr R. Forrest had been of late away. but he (Mr Morris) nevertheless hoped to see during his term of office the acquisition of not a piece of ground the siza of his fist, but a really good slice which would satisfy the most fastidious and confer a boon on not only the children but the public generally. (Hear.) n Mr R. Bevan, opining that his pet scheme would be consummated, The Chairmen remarked that he need not fear, as there was a good committee this time acting in the C5 matter. The Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board to the effect that provided any street was a public walk, seats could be furnished out of the public rate. This pronouncement, added to section 164 of the Public Health Act of 1874, and the Act of 1890, will cause general satisfaction. Mr Guyjdropped a subtle hint as to the provision of shelters being a desideratum realised in the near future. In view of outsiders coming into Wales and s-c,ir- ing our water gathering grounds, Mr Franklin, of the County Council, wrote a letter asking the Council if they would join in concerted action in the opposing or proposing of any Act of Parliament relative to the water encroachments by Englishmen ? This was thoroughly discussed, but as the Cardiff Corporation were bound to supply Penarth with water, it would be of comparatively little moment to us; yet, for politic reasons, the Cleik was directed to ascertain what expense attached if the Council decided to take organised action in the matter.

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