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Penartb Boat Olub.


Penartb Boat Olub. EXCITING RACE FOR COMMODORE'S CUP. In connection with this boat club a yachting com- petition took place on Saturday afternoon, the prizes being a handsome silver cup and a unique red sik ensign. which were presented, respectively, by the club's commodore, Mr H. J. Vellacott, and Mr Turbarville Jenkins. The conditions were that eacb owner steer his own boat, the winner to take both the cup and ensign. Four crafts only competed, the Thorn (Mr F. Mason), Witagi (Mr Percy Oliver), Barbet (Mr F. Millburn), and Qnerida (Mr S. Flint), the course selected being from a mark boat, round the West Cardiff middle buoy and home thence round the middle buoy, Hook, and home again. Mr A. D. Ashford officiated as starter and umpire. At 3.30, with a S.E. breeze, a start was effected, the boats getting over the line in the above-named order, but the Querida going the wrong side of the mark boat had to put about, and thus lost i3}min. The Kate was kindly lent for the occasion by the Penarth Ferry Company (one of the directors, Mr C. A. Heywoqd, being- aboard), and amongst thos3 who were thus able to follow the race were—Mr and Mrs Francis (Frog- nal), Mr aid Miss Dalzi: 1, Mr P. H. Evens, Misses Hern, Mr E. Batchelor, Misses Hey wood, Mr Sidney Byrne, Mr F. P. and Miss Down, Mr E. Lloyd, Masters C, and W. Browne (Buenos Ay res), Mrs Kendall, Mr and Misses Vellacott, Mr Turberville Jenkins, Miss Walter?, Miss Bishop, and MrandMisS Peak. The company were entertained to tea by Messrs II. J. VeUacott and Turberville Jenkins, Miss Vellacott charmingly performing the honours as hostess. In the run to the West Cardiff the Witangi retired, and the Barbet was intetfered with by a steamer. The thorne, however, maintained her lead, but passing the buoy on the starboard smartly tacked. Here they were tisued as follows :— H. K. 9. Thorne 4 6 33 Barbet 4 8 30 Queiida 4 9 55 No difference in this order occurred up to the middle buoy; which they rounded thus :-— H. M. S. Thorne 4 15 55 Barbet 4 17 24 Querida 4 18 52 Still keeping the same order home was reached Z) at:— H. M. S. Thorne 4 25 25 Barbet 4 26 16 Querida 4 27 35 The Thorne now forged ahead in gallant style, but a heavy squall coming on she had to reef, and so lost her position, and eventually retiied- At this juncture the handling of the Barbet evoked encomiums from I those on board, and at the middle buoy the two boats passed as follows:— H. Jll. 8. Barbet 4 42 5 Querida 4 42 40 With only 30 seconds between them, the race was watched with considerable interest. The Querida, with a bigger jib than her rival, was going well and n free with a strong southerly breeze. Nevertheless, the Barbet gamed two seconds in the run to the Hook, which was rounded tiiu., H. M. S. Barbet 5 46 46 Queiida 5 47 23 The last lap was now contested in spirited fashion, the Querida gradually reducing her livsd's lead, and at one time there was only three or four seconds' be- tween them- The two crafts now raced neck and neck, Flint's seamanship in giving way and getting1 well to windward of the mark being warmly com- mended by the experts on the Kate- At a critical moment the Querida luffed, and the other keeping steadily ahead passed the mark boat first, the times being H. M. S. Barbet 5 57 54 Querida 5 58 15 The Barbet. however, being rated at 1*1 and the Querida at 0-99. the Querida actually won by 24 seconds on time allowance, and thus secured the two trophies. The course, which was a little over eight knots, was covered in record time, and the win is -all the more cr,editilbleiii view of tIle fact that the Queiida lost ol minutes at the start by going the wrong side of the mark boat-

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