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Penartli Liberal Hundred.…

Imperial Parliament.

Penarth Road Toll. -

Neighbourly Amenities at Penarth


Neighbourly Amenities at Penarth A BATCH OF SUMMONSES. At this week's police court a number of summonses for alleged assaults were heard by Messrs J. S. Batchelor, and Llewelen Wood. Margaret Hawtrey, 13, Glebe Place, alleged that on the 30th uJt., at 6 p.rn in James Street. Elizabeth A. Collins called her a b-- w Defendent asked her what she meant by such obscene language, as she (witness,) was the mother of seven children. The reply was an unpleasantly tangible one, for Collins "scratched her face and bosom," and other- wise maltreated her. Cross-examined by Mr A. W. Morris, who appeared for defendant, Margaret said the row had been going I on for twelve months. She, however, did not know whether or not, in the heighth of her temper she knocked down Mrs Collins. Mrs Hawtrey going over to the opposition box, Mrs Collins, examined, said Hawtrey had been challenging her to fight on the day in question, and finally "poked' up against the window, whereby two panes were broken. By Mr Morris: She did not know who hit her, but her hair was pulled down Quite a confusion of summonses followed, in which there was much hard swearing and counter-swearing, which elicited that a disgraceful and disgusting series of street brawls had been going on for a long time. The Bench extended a most I atient audienca, and aummed up as follows:— Hawtrey v. E. A.. Collins, Penbarwood v. Annie Crull, Crull v. Nellie Col tins,-dismissed whilst the case of Nellie Collins v. Crull, tha latter was fined 5/- Ðr seven days, and in the case of E., A. Collma v. Hawtrey, the latter was amerced 10/- and Coots.

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The Misuse of a Glass.', -…

,Artillerymen in Camp


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