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U hit-Ghat. J -


U hit-Ghat. J BY RAMBLING TOMMY. In speaking of his Norwegian trip in 1893 Coun- cillor Strawson said that when at Molde, at the Grand Hotel he saw a copy of the Western Mail whicb was only 5 days old. o o a We can go one better than this. The Penarth (jhronicle is sent every week to Africa. Besides this it is sent to New Zealand as well as to America. 0 0 0 The opening of Parliament will take place on Mon- day next. e e The Orkney and Shetland poll opened on Tuesday morning. The result, it is expected, will be declared on Saturday afternoon. 0 0 From 200 to 300 members of of one of the Bristol Radical Associations visited Ilfracome on Wednesday. I They were conveyed on board the favourite boat, the "Lorna Doone." I 0 0 » Leaving Penarth Pier fifteen minutes ifter the Waverley, the "Lorna Doone" arrived at Lyn- mouth a couple of minutes later, and whilst the for- mer was awaiting the aniall boats from the shore to fetch excursionists for that place, the" Lorna" steamed between her and the boats, and thus secured first place. There were a few babs" from some of those on board the Waverley." but the deed was done, and the "Lorna" arrived at 'Combe nearly half- an-hoar before her rival, thus gainidg close on three- quarters of an hour from start to finiih, 9 0 0 And so there has been a pretty little squabble goiug on between Penarth's blues during the last week or two. It is alleged that there has been an attempt to deprive Mr Riches, the President of the Conservative Association, of the privilege of presiding at the Banquet, to be given this Friday evening, in honour of Major Quin. I am informed that several who had takan tickets, returned them, but that tha President has been endeavouring te smooth matters over, although be will not himself attend the banquet. Is it an illustration of the old adage, Put a beggar on horseback and he'll ride himself to the devil ? 0 0 0 On Sunday afternoon, the Annual Church Parade of the Railwtymen of Penarth and district will take place, The men, with a number of orphan children wearing sashes, vtill assemble outside the lodge room at Cogan. and will proceed, headed by the Cogan Brass Band, to parade several of the principal streets of the town, after which they will attend a special service at the Arcot Street Wesleyan Chapel. The Rev J. D. Stevens will be the preacher, and, Miss Emma Webb will render one or two solos. A coilec- i tion will be made in aid of the A.S.R.S. Orphan Fund. 0 o 0 Meetings to select representatives of the West and North Wards on the Liberal Hundied will be held in the Methodist Schoolrom and the Jubilee Hall, on Friday and Saturday evenings respectively. 0 0 0 Major Wyndham Qain, M.P., and Lady Eva Quin, are expected to attend the] Cogan Flower Show on Wednesday, the 2lst inst. The gallant Major has sent, I bear, a substantial donation to the funds. Lady Windsor will open the Show. .00 Last Monday being Bank Holiday, the usual monthly meeting of the District Council was post- poned "for a week. o 0 I A Temperance Union is proposed for Penarth, and in a week 0..1 two a meeting of workers will be convened for the purpose of making preliminary arrangements. ^i, Mrs Dalziel has tendered her resignation as secretary and treasurer of the Penarth Nurses' iuoti- tute. It is to be hoped she may be prevailed upon to reconsider the matter, for such a worker can ill be spared. 0 0 0 Mr Wall, with about a dozen others, had rather a rough time;of it on board his steam launch, "Layd Emlyn," on Monday night last. In the afternoon tha party went to the Flat Holme, the weather then being favourable, but at night a storm arose, and there was a terrific sea, with torrents of rain. After vainly endeavouring to reach Penartb, the launch was ultimately allowed to run on the b,-ach at Lavernock, and the party had to get home as best they could. I understand the boat was considerably damaged, and has since beon taken to the slipway for repairs. It is a miracle that the boat was not swamped. 0 9 0 Despite the unfavourable weather which prevailed last Moaday, thousands of visitors found their way to Penarth, but what a soaking some of them had! It rained, rained, rained, and even the waterproofs were not proof against such a deluge. o o e Never has the need of shelters been more fully felt and seen than last Monday. I did venture out in the evening for about an hour. and the sights I saw, I shall not soon forget—men, women, and children trudging towards the railway station, wet, wet to their very skin. lbey had only the public house to fly to for shelter all day. How I pitied them. 0 0 0 Two Penarth young ladies went for their holidays last week, an one morning they rose early and went out to enjoy the fresh morning breezes. Where they were staying, donkeys could be hired by the hour, so having time, they paid their money and took their choice" of a group standing together, and mounted. All went well for a time, but when about three- quarters of the hour had expired, and they were about two miles from home, one of the animals turned stubborn, and do what the riders would, that donkey could not be made to move. At last, a young man, happening to pass that way, took the creature in charge, and after a whacking aad a little coaxing, the animal had compassion on its fair rider, and they eventually reached home about eleven o'clock, instead of nine. 0 0 0 In the Horticultural section:of the Barry Show 011 Monday last, the greater portion of the prizes in the seven miles radius classes, were secured by J. Jaffa, A. Redwood, and C. Michaelson, of Cogan, the exhibits of these growers altogether putting the Barryites into the shade. 00.. In the Cage Bird section, (open) Messrs Harvey and Hall, the well known South Wales fancied secured nearly all the plums. They obtained no lesS than ten first prizes, two medals, Messrs Hyde's silver tsa-pot, and four other specials. Mr W E. Watts, Penarth, secured a second prize, and a V.H.C. e o u Kxhibitors are requested to note that entries for the Cogan Exhibition will close on Wednesday, August I:'> 14th. Entry forms and Schedules can be obtained from the Hon. Sec., Mr J. H. Hall, 8, Bridge Street, Cogan. 000 The first performance of the new opera, Sylvia," from the busy pen of our townsman, Dr Parry, will take place in Cardiff on the 12 th inst., and will cone tinue for the week. Mr Tom Stevens. of Chicago fame, who is the leader of the chorus, says they aN in excellent form for the important occasion. o o o Major Wyndham Quin, M. P. for South Glamorgan has resigned his commission in the 16th Lancer3, in order to attend to his Parliamentary duties. Major Quin served as Aide-de-Camp to Lord Spencer id Ireland, and Connemara in Bombayi