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Penarth Business Directory. BUTCHERS. T. R. Wadley, Glebe-street, Penarth. D. Cornwell, Glebe Street. S. HcYOrd, 51, Glebe Street. R. Guy (Pork), 93, Glebe Street. i Bus AND CAB PROPRIETORS. S. Andrews & Son, Penarth Mews. CHEMISTS. r. Blake Benjamin, Glebe-street- CORN MERCHANTS J, J Sanger Tucker., 31, and 32, Glebe Street COAL MERCHANTS. Penarth Goal Co., 28, Windsor-road. CONFECTIONERS V. G. Warner, 76, Glebe Street. ^Wa°ke/' Maughau^Terrrace, and 56 Windsor Road DAIRYMEN. H. Sanger, Maughan Street, DRUG STORES. Q W. Raynes, 1, Penarth Dock. DRAPERS. C. W. Taylor) Cavendish House, 3, Glebe Street. ItDUCA TION AIi. S tfraat, Gollegiate School, Albert Crescent. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DEALERS. J. Sanger Tucker 31, and 32, Glebe Street. A. H. Salter, MaugUa Street- H. Matthews, Anchor House, Glebe Street. Wm. Bull, 24, Glebe Street GROCERS. a. Huntley, Gloucester House, Maughan Street. HAIRDRESSERS. i ioxall, Arcot Staeet. d' Music TEACHERS: G. Howell, Mozar House, Windsor Road. PAINTERS AND DECORATORS. m L Bij.ht and Sons, 77, Windsor Road, live'and John, 5, ^cot-street. gharles Baker, 76, Wmdsoi-road. PAWNBROKERS. gryluan liarris, 85, Glebe Street. REFRESHMENT HOUSES. Ð. Ninnee, 2, Glebe Street. SECOND-HAND CLOTHES DEALERS. Irs Boxall Arcot Street. STATIONERS AK A NEWSAGENT Mrs Pasley, Glebe-street. Mrs Faulkner, Glebe-streak Miss Court, Windsor-road. Mi33eS H!lf 98. Glebe Street Leaver, Post Office, Cogan. UNDERTAKERS S. Andrews & Sea, Penarth Mews Jacob 1. Hooper. Salop Street. 7' -1 H, MATTHEWS Eagi tfr nd Foreig*. fRUITERER & POTATO MERCHANT ANCHOR HQUFEE, GLEBE STREET, PEITAnTli, 3frdsl| l-f.it and Vegetables Daily. All Orders Promptly attended to. i IMPORTANT NOTICE! For every Descriptio of Household Furniture, Musical Instruments, Hardware, Cutlery, Carpets, &c., go to BEVAN & CO., LIMITED Registered as The" Cardiff Furnishers," Furniture. Carpet and Musical Warehousemen whose continuall and rapidly expand- ing business enables them to buy largdr and sell cheaper than ever I DINING, DRAWING, AND L BEDROOM SUITES, KYss sa, -to £ 532 x Carpets, Floorcloths, Linoleums, Hearthrugs, &c.( In Vast Variety and at Marvellous Prices! Before purchasing elsewhere call and see the MATCHLESS" OVERSTRUN G PIANOFORTE a most magnificent instrument. Forty Guineas! (usual Music W81 re- p house Price 55 to 60 Guineas. 9'T..TTTT.TYT.TY.YW Delivery Free throughout Wales and Border Counti s, Large Illustrated Catalogues just out, Gratis and Post Frea, ¡Ja BEVAN. & Co. THE LARGEST BEST, AND CHEAPEST FURNISIIERS IN ^.HIS PAltT OF THE KINGDOM W' rntrnffTrTMMariiiMmniigTrMffWTTT^TBOTIiHBWTffiff^M^^ c C. W. H. TAYLOR. l Cavendish House, Penarth* FIRST SHOW OF Spring and Summer Soods. p 9 1 SEE WINDOWS