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m iiMniMiiniiiiiiiwmwiiiiBiniii wh i minim m WIIIIi n iiiiniiniimiiIIIii iIIIIIIii IIIHIIW iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii mi ii» nuniwiiiBiiiHim11 IIIHin 111 m urnHBIIIIIHmtmm S. ANDREWS AND SON, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS THE MEWS, GLEBE ST., PENARTH. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. Funerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Telephonic Communication with Chief Offices, Cardiff ———————. ———————— ——— —an jMEitieAw ,• 1 IOOK FREE. Send yotr? address on a tfost-card, and you mil receive tlie i finest and most elaborate Catalogue of American Organs and Pianos ever published. It fy Mk g f"* .„ JP" f\ O £ will show you the latest and fen* B\ \s w JH&f 1/1 j best styles, and how to w e w « £ Satisfaction guaranteed before you pay. "Write to us, mentioning this paper. You "will be more than pleased at the result, if you £ do it at once. carriage paid, from £ 10. | References specially permitted to J. 8=!. OSBOHWE, ESQ., C 132, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.C., of -whom catalogues may J be had free on application, and information obtained as to where ft the O¡ganf; can be seen and tested in London, or write direct to I CORNISH"con .WASHINGTON, ~|EW JEROT, AMERICA." I (Established 26 THE GREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. '"pWhX f\ YEAR'S RESEARCH has brought to light a guaranteed Remedy for 1 ]NEu\'01IS DEBILITY, the Errors of Youth, Lost Manhood, Weakness, Dimness of Siyht. Bladder, Gravel, Kidney, Liver complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs. This iAascription is in the hands of a Minister, who wiU befriend any one suffering o from these enervating diseases. It has CURED THOUSANDS. Merely ppml seJf-addressed stamped eavelope to the Rev. DAVID JONES, Hay Villa, Lewes, —uen the Prescription will be sent VeEE OF CHAliGE. N this Paoer. -1" ,JIO. — — [fen rl J e n and ug 9 WORKING MEN'S Horticultural Society. President THE RIGHT HON. LORD WINDSOR. The Seventh Annua1 EXHIBITION OF to 1bg c igs fruits, Vegetables Monte u.ets?ies, AND CAGE: bxrds Will be held in the COGAN BOARD SCHOOLS Ign Wednesday, August 21st, 1895. £ ioo IN PRIZES- AMBULANCE COMPETITIONS. Music, Dancing, &c. Refreshments at Moderate Prices. OPEN FROM 2 TILL 9 P.M. FOR DANCING TILL 10 P.M. ADMISSION-From 2 till 5 p,m., Is. After 5 p.m., ed. Schedules, Entry Forms, and all Information may be obtained from the Hon. Sec., Mr J. H. HALL, 8; Bridge Street, Cogan, Penarth.

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