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Literal Meeting at Andrews'…


Literal Meeting at Andrews' Hall, Penarth. On Wednesday evemng a meeting of Liberals was held in Andrews' Hall, the IDbject being to establish a Liberal Association for the Penarth Council District. Mr. Sidney Batchelor was voted to the chair, and he was supported by Messrs. Henry Radcliffe, Pile, Clothier, Shepherd, R. Be van, J. Llewellyn, Pavey, Riley, W. Jones Thomas, Joseph Henry Jones, Revs. W. G. Williams and r. 0. Stalberg, &c. The Chairman said he was glad the Liberals of this district had thus early been called together. The Liberal party had suffered defeat before, but they had pulled themselves together and had again been victorious, and so they would when the next election took place. He hoped they would now form a strong Association, and work shoulder to shoulder to regain what they had lost. Mr. Radcliffe said he was exceedingly pleased that Mr. Morris had taken the initiative in calling the Liberals of the district together so that they might look calmly at the causes which had brought about their defeat. It had been stated that for organiza- tion Penarth was worse than any other part of South Glamorgan, but such ought not to be the case. We should fight for the good old cause, the cause which had brought to us so many of the privileges which we enjoy, the privileges brought about by our fore- fathers at great sacrifice. For us to go-at this time and turn our backs upon the good old canse, why we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. With our oppo- nentsr,¡¡.t'is just now spring tide, but already it is on the turn. We must not as a party overload our pro- gramme, but go in for measures which will lift up and beior the good of men generally. Mr. W. B. Shepherd We are not here, I take it, to talk politics, but to go stnght to business, and the question is, which way should we begin to prepare for action. I propose that we at once form a Liberal Association for Penarth, Cogan and Llandougb. Mr. W. Jones Thomas seconded the proposition, And said he thought the Liberals of Penarth ought to get at once into fighting trim. The proposition was unanimously carried. Mr. Joseph Henry Jones said there was a broad line between Liberalism and Toryism. It was not a mere chalk mark that any one could easily step over, but it required a good swim. There was as much difference betweea the two parties as between a black man and a white man. For such an Association as that just resolved upon a head was wanted, and the question came-Who is that head to be ? He did not believe in ornamental positions in politics, and he would never, as long as he lived, support the election of a man for political purposes, only to occupy an ornamental position. He proposed the election of their chairman. Mr. Batchelor, as President. That was a name to conjure with. (Applause.) The speaker then dwelt upon the events of the past few weeks, and pointed out various reasons for thorough organization. This proposition was seconded by Mr. Shepherd, who was proud that there were a few such gentlemen who were prepared to stand by the working men of Penarth. The proposition was then put to the vote by the mover and it was unanimously carried amid hearty applause. The following gentlemen were elected Vice- Presidents :—Mr. Henry Radcliffe, County Councillor F. II. Jotham, County Councillor W. B. Shepherd, Mr. W. B. Gibbs, Mr. J. W. Pyman, Mr. S. Thomas, Mr. R. Bevan, Mr. J. Pavey (Cogan), and Mr. John 'Duncan (Llandough). 0 Mr. R. Guy was unanimously elected Treasurer, Mr. J. Morris, Secretary, and Mr. Llewellyn Davies, Assistant Secretary. It was resolved to elect a Liberal Hundred, and to en&ure these being thoroughly representative of each par o the district, it was determined to hold a meet- jug in each Ward, for the purpose of electing twenty- Rve from each of the four sections of the district. It was further resolved that five out of the twenty-five from each Ward be elected to form an executive mmittee. A temporary committee of representatives from each Ward was elected to look after the work of registration during the next month. A vote of thaaka to the Chairman closed the pro., ceedings. [VVre understand the various Ward meetings will .be held during the coming week, that of the West Ward at Cogan.—Kd.] 1 :( I',

Penarth District Council,I…


Penarth District Council.…

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