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U hit-Chat.


U hit-Chat. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. Let me call the attention of my readers to the Penartb, Cogan and Llandough Working Men's Horticultural Society's Exhibition which will take place on the 21st of August, in the Cogan Board Schools, and the playground adjoining. Seven years ago this Society was started, and it has done excellent work, and I am glad to be able to record that each year the Committee has been able to add a little to the fund which stands to their credit at the bank. ooo Each year the Show has increased in importance and the prize list has grown larger and larger, until now it announces prizes to the value of £ 100. Last year the Committee ventured to include in its pro- gramme, homt industries, and cage birds, and so successful were these departments, that it was not only resolved to continue to offer prizes for these special features, but it was determined to increase the ¡ classes, and to open one section of the bird show to 'I the United Kingdom, and we understand that applica- tions are being made from all parts of the countfy for I Schedules- 0 0 0 During the afternoon there will be an interesting ambulance competition. I hope this will direct the attention of the public to the various ambulance classes which are held in the district, and I feel sure it will do more to show the necessity of every man and woman becoming acquainted with the first steps which ought to be adopted in the case of accident, than any number of speeches. OOO The object of the Horticultural Society, with tbe Allotments Society, is the elevation of working men, j and I know of some who bless tbe day when both j were established. Mr R. A. Lewis, who was practi- j cally the founder of the Horticultural Society, and who officiated for six years as Secretary, resigned that position lnet year, but a most energetic succe-sor was found in Mr Jno. H, Hall, and he is patting forth every effort to make this year's Show a greater success than any of its predecessors. May he meet with the success he desires and deserves. o J A meeting of Liberals will be held in Andrewsi n Lessp.r Hall at 7.30. next Wednesday. o 0 < The Cogan Methodist Church Anniversary will be held next Sunday week. The preachers will be the Rev C. J. Butcher and Mr Robert Bird, motnmgand evemrg respectively, whilst in tbe afternoon, at a popular service, the Rev W. G. Davies will give an address. Th popular choir, conducted by Mr J. Ff Proud, will render anthems at each service. o 0 0 The Rev G. C. Percival has been appointed to the charge of the Cogan and Grangetown Methodist Churches. 0 0 9 The annual report of the B.W.T.A. has just been issued. It tells of last year's work, and shows a satisfactory balance sheet. ooo 11 Morning Concerts on the Pier have been started, in addition to the evening programme. 004» Within five minutes after the official result of the South Glamorgan Election was whispered through the telephone last Saturday morning, copies of the second edition of the Penarth Chronicle were on sale in the streets, and so great was the demand that in a short space of time it became necessary to print a third edition. » o o Penarth has aptly been termed a nursery for police* men. On Wednesday morning, at its police court, two infants named Bolton and Langford, aged respec- tively, 5 and 6, were arraigned on a charge of wilful damage. With due solemnity they were put into the box, but subsequently had to be elevated considerable 'ere the magisterial eye could focus them. "Take them home and correct them yourselves," said Major Thornlev to the maternal guardians of these terrible specimens ol juvenile depravity. V 0 0 Any enthusiastic Welsh bacteriologist wishing to explore "fresh woods and pastures né'w," in the realms of germs and baccilii would do well to apply for the Bible used at the Penarth Police Station. Not only the book itself, but also its paper covering fg hoary with bald antiquity," and—ahem! ■i <


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