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GEJlERAIi ELECTION SOUTH GLAMORGAN CONTEST. WAITING FOR THE VERDICT." DEFEAT OF THE LIBERAL CANDIDATE. QUIN WINS. HIS TRIUMPHAL ENTRY INTO PENARTII TORY JUBILATION THE MAJOR RETURNS TIIANKT. SPEECHES BY MESSRS, RICHES. MI LB URN COUSINS, AND JENNINGS. LADY EVA AND LITTLE TOMMY ATKIN, "OH WHERE DID HE GET THAT HAT r TORIES SING "BRITONS NEVER SHALL BE SLAVES" AND "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN." GRAND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. 4- FORECAST—SOME LIBERAL RED PUTS IN THE SHADE THE TORY BLUE. Soon after twelve o'clock, last Saturday morning, Crowds of people began to assemble in the vicinity of the Bus office, and in Windsor Road. It was a Cc weary waiting," but the time was wiled away in good humoured banter and political argument. The pros. and coms. of the great measures placed before the country by the late Liberal Government were dis- cussed, and the ordinary intelligent man was able to gain much useful information. The Local Veto Bill Was one of the principle topics of conversation, and it was surprising to find what ignorance prevails as to the object of the proposed treasure, and the machinery by which it would have been worked had it. become law. But whilst these arguments were going on there were others waiting for the verdict," who looked almost as though it were to them a question of life or death. They were too excited to enter into dis- cussion, and when the first news arrived, although no gnres were given, a pang of sorrow shot through their very frame. ° «nS"OU8 ™essages were received giving reported .hnwlrb' T^1Ch Varied from a majo»'ty of 125 to 640, en e actual and official declaration was made QUIN (C) 5747 V\ ILLIAMS (L) 4922 Conservative majority 825 fon,ted' and the Liberals calmly over thl-r rl ?*at t0 their homes to Pouder over their le.erse not, however, to say die but to arise,into newness of lite. It soon got whispered round, that the "gallant" Major vvas coming over to Ppn»rtk A m ■ a, Br 10 ^enaitn. to congratulate 4he lones upon their great victory. A few of the leading men of the party were whipped up. Noticea ■were poMed on the windows of the Committee room, and the magic-lantern house in Windsor Road, and when the carriage arrived with Major Quin, Lady Eva and little Tommy Atkins'" with Mr Cousins, there were about 500 persons present. It was amusing to watch one man for some time previous to the arrival of the party, in his frantic efforts to get a number of men idiotic enough to go down the road, and drag the carriage up. At length, just as the carriage came In I sight, he emerged from the St. Fagans, and then with his" dumb-driven catte," proceeded to the foot of Arcot Street, where the carriage was stopped, the horses taken out, and these men donned the harness, and brought the party to the place of meeting, where they were received by the leaders of the party amid the cheering crowd. One old lady looking on the scene, said, có Look, they have taken out the horses, and put a dozen asses in instead," The balcony over Mr King's shop was set apart for the use of ladies only, whilst peering out of the window over the Committee Room, were a number of gentlemen, including our inimitable friend with the white hat- One of the crowd cried out Oh where did he get that hat ? whilst another characterised the scene as a "Punch and Judy Show." When the Major was trying to speak, from one part of the bew window, the hat was being waved at another part, and the owner was shouting out for cheers. At length Mr Milburn peebed round the corner, and then putting out his hand, checked the frantic gestures of the man with the white hat, whilst, apparently some- one from behind, pulled him inside. At all events he suddenly disappeared. The Major made a short speech, in which he declared that his election was entirely due to Penartb. Other speakers were Messrs Cousins, Riches, Millburn and Jennings. The Major then introduced his wife, Lady Eva, and his son, whom be designated little Tommy Atkins." After more cheering, the company withdrew, but before leaving the building they joined in singing "Rule Britannia," and the National Anthem. In the evening a crowd assembled in Windsor Road when there was a "grand pyrotechnic display," which consisted of blue lights, crackers, sky rockets, and Roman candles- One of the crowd got a large quantity of red powder and set fire to it. This had the effect of brilliantly illuminating the whole district, and though the Tories lit blue powder, it only reflected a distance of two or three yards. This brilliant red light was declared to be a forecast of the future of South Glamorgan, when the present Tory win will be as only one little dark speck in the history of a great constituency.





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