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Penarth Election Notes.

A Penaith lason wanted 14s…


A Penaith lason wanted 14s 7id 2 AND HE GOT IT. At Penarth Police Court, on Wednesday, before Major Thornley and Mr. \V. L. Morris, a case was decided wherein Mr Mordecai Meazey sued Mr James Buck- land for 14/71,, being the alleged amount due for 19 hours work, at the rate of 9td an hour. 2 The Complainant stated that Buckland instructed him to fix 2 grates and a cooking range, and subse- quently refused to pay him the money he claimed. The defendant contended that the work had not been done right. Mrs Buckland, axamined, said her husband left with her the money (wrapped up), with which to pay Mr Meazey. She did not know how much it was, but she kriew it was equivalent to 9d an hour. The Complainant said that was no good to him. Charles Percy, another mason was next sworn and maintained that 19 hours was an unreasonable time to take over the job, 13 hours to his mind being quite long enough. Mr Meazey: He knows nothing himself about it. I've made more pounds than he has pence at that work. (Laughter). Victor Denton was called and proved hearing Meazey ask Buckland on the Beach for the money, and the latter refusing as the job hadn't been done right. Meazey then bet him a sovereign he'd get it. Finally judgment with costs was given for the In complainant.