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"n. Peiiarth Business Directory. BUTCHERS. fil, It. Wadley, Glebe-street, Penarth. D.Cornwell. Glebe Street. v'„ Ilevord, 51, Glebe Street. R. Guy (Pork;, 93, Glebe Street. Bus AND CAB PEOPEIETORS. S. Andrews & Son, Penarth Mews. CHEMISTS, r. Blake Benjamin, Glebe-street- COlU MERCHANTS JL J Sanger Tucker. in, and 32, Glebe Street COAL MEECHANTS. Penarth Coal Co., CONFECTIONERS V. G. Warner, 76, Glebe Street. Bishop, 4, Glebe Street. Wa ker Maughan Terrrace, and 56 mdaor Road DAIRY MSN. II, Saulter, Maughan Street DRUG STORES. G- W. Ray lies, 1, Penarth Dock. DRAPERS. C. W- Taylor- Cavendish House, 3, Glebe Street. EDUCATIONAL. S Giant, Collegiate School, Albert Crescent. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DEALERS. E. J. Sanger Tucker -3.1, and 32, Glebe Street. A. H. Salter, MaugUa Street. n. Matthews, Anchor House, Glebt Street. WEL Bull, 24, Glebe Street GROCERS. fi. Huntley, Gloucester House, Maughan Street, HAIRDRESSERS. Boxall, Arcot Street. \) J::J. V u I U..s:. uV U. Music TEACHHIIS. Prof, tj (j, Howell, Mozar House, Windsor Road, PAINTERS AND DECORATORS. T. L. BL;d1t and Sous, 77, Windsor Road. Love and John, 5, Arcot.-street. Cbarles Baker, 70, W indsor-roau. PAWNBROKERS. aymart Harris, 85, Glebe Street. REFRESHMENT HOUSES. C, Nunics, 2, Glebe Street. SECOND-HAND CLOTHES DEALERS. Irs Boxall Arcot Street STATIONERS A3 S NEWSAGENT Mrs P&sley, Glebe-street. Mrs Faulkner, Glebe-stre« s Miss Court. Windsor-road. Misses Har^ 98. Glebe Street Leaver, Pest Of ice, Cogan. LT, NL i, TE, S. Andrews & Son, Penarth Mews Jacob 1. Hooper. Salop Sweet. 1 II. MATTHEWS Eng5 in nd Foreign FRUITERER 4 POTATO MERCHANT ANCHOR BOTJbE, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, yresk ??ait and Vegetables Daily. All Orders Promptly attended to. < IMPORTANT NOTICE .II'IInIlf,r_P'IJSJIt.1%- W, T| For every Descriptio of 11 on sell old Furniture, Musical Instruments, H ardware, Cutlery, Carpets, &c., go to T' T i BEVAN & CO., LIMITED Registered as The "Cardiff Furnishers," Furniture. Carpet and Musical Warehousemen whose continnall and rapidly expand- ing business enables them to buy larger and sell cheaper than ever DINING DRAWING, AND T -I_ BEDROOM SUITES, JS53I X7 4Ei; c-I 5, it ooo, 52 !€>ss Carpets, ilooreiouiis, Linoleums, Hearthrugs, fee., In Vast Variety and at Marvellous Prices I I¥"1 -Jf¡ä1i Æ¡J'.a:ø. Before purchasing elsewhere, call and see the MATCHLESS" OVERSTRUNG PIANOFORTE a most magnificent instrument. Forty Guineas!. (usual Music Ware- house Price 55 to 60 Guineas. TT-T V -v -v y V V T 'Vyr vf y ■ Delivery Free throughout Wales and Border Counti s, Large Illustrated Catalogues just out. Gratis and Post.Fi-ee. <gaaa«p; %rn^^isasmimsaiamsBsisssssmasKaaiea^i^tamBmm w F.WM &> CO. THE LARGEST BEST. AND CHEAPEST FURNISHERS IN THIS PART OF THE KINGDOM :=.IIt -f IJ. P,1"ML08. 1#1 11 9 M.IS& ■ JHS H fill Cavendish House, tIIFA'.1 FIRST SHOW OF AFTA Spring and Summer Soods. SEE WINDOWS