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Weekly Notes by Quirkquequip.…


Weekly Notes by Quirkquequip. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed in these notes. The election fever is still on us and must run its Course. One would think there would be a slight abatement on Sundays. But no. Mr Carslake Thomp- son has not only the political fever, but also the political writing itch; and Sunday or no Sunday, makes no difference tothis Enthusiastic Unionist, whose letter in the Western Mail on Monday, the loth inst., was dated (Sunday) "Park Road, Penarth, July 14." O 0 0 Will this affect the morals of the Board Schaal Children ? Q Mr Thompson was evidently smarting under Mr Arthur Williams' retorc of "do mean and huckstering view some people take. There wasn't much view Of Mr Thompson, who kept well in the background, and sent up on paper questions which it would take an evening to answer. 0 0 0 IsMr Thompson's political mind open and unbiassed or dces he sincerely regret having seconded the nomination paper of Mr Maclean ? 9 6 0 In political party colours-red and blue and green —there is a wealth of meaning. First they are all natural colours. Perhaps the Liberals selected red as symbolising their accession to power as synonymous with a red-letter, day. In almanacks saints' days and holidays are printed in red ink. and other days in black. In contradistinction the colour is ofthw:s the symbol of insurrection, terrorism and bloodshed. Blue has, however, a greater significance and is the Birmingham Liberal party colour. That the colour in the Midland Metropolis should be selected is to be expected from the phrase 14 True as Coventry Blue," a reference to a blue cloth and blue thread made at Coventry, noted for its permanent dye, A ain "True blue will never stain could be paraphrased thus, 4 A really coble heart will never disgrace itself- That mighty heart of Birmingham throbs and pulsates as one with its mighty leader Joe Chamberlain and the praise is therefore peculiarly happy in its application to Joseph and his political brethen. True Blues, verify. How this world is giving to lying !-politicallying. A spouter, named Kirk, lrom Canton, said at the Tory meeting on Monday night, that dogmatic religion was taught at the Board School. The veriest tyro, pre- tending to claim acquaintance with the Educational Act of 1870 Knows differently. This gross libd was not however allowed to go unchallenged. Armdst a deafening hubbub Mr Pile ascended the platform and denied the allegation, and wa3 greeted with cheers and of course Tory groans. One could not nail the lit to the cunter more effectively than to quote the Act in this particular, a copy of which must be and is hung prominently on the wall of every Board School in the kingdom- Failure to do so imperils the Government Grant. (1).—The clause is "It shall not be required as a condition of any child being admitted into or con- tinuing iu the school, that he shall attend or abstain from attending any Sunday School or any Religious Place of Worship, or that he shall attend any religious I observance or any religious subjects in the School or elsewhere, from which observance or instruction he may be withdrawn by t.ispaleut. or that he shall, if withdrawn by his parent, attend the school on any day exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which his parent belongs. (2).—Any scholar may be withdrawn by his parent from any religious observance or instruction without forfeiting any of the olhe-t benefits of the above. < 00 So incensed were the Tones with Mr Pile's contra- diction that Mr W. R. I ai ker summarily declared the meeting closed 0 0 0 At the same meeting Mr G. 0. Thompson, with his usual' painful prolixity elaborated his letter in the Western Mail of that day. What a compliment to the Tory readers who composed the audience. He was nevertheless courteous enough, to entreat his hearers to bear with him. 0


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