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Correspondence. THE BIBLE AND TOTAL ABSTINENCE. To the Editor of the Tenarth Chronicle. SiR -In the current issue of the Penarth Tem- perance Monthly there is an article written by the Rev H. Harding on the above-named subject. It is not necessary to state whether I hold antagon- istic views to the rev and esteemed gentleman, but the writer is evidently begging the question and arro- gating to himself rights which he denies to others. He says "It has been said that the Bible may be made to prove anything even what is clearly known to be wrong." This may be so if we are going to take out certain portions from their setting, and isolate them, so that they may accord with our own feelings and desires. Just so. Then this is an axiom. Mr Hard- ing afterwards selects twc passages Wine that makes glad the heart of man" and "Wine is a mocker, without giving their contexts, and pro- *■ ceeds to explain these paradoxical dicta, not only that they may accord with his own feelings and desires, but also miribile dictu, by saying that the Psalmist and Solomon were apeaking of entirely different wiles. Truly, the Bible may be made to prove anything after this, unless Mr Harding will be good enough to state what his premises or data were for making such a bold and bald assertion. What proof has he that the wines he refers to were respect- ively unfermented and fermented? I am, etc. ) SYLLOGISM.

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