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— Cricket.

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— Cricket. PflfifARTH COLLEGIA rit] SCHOOL v. PENARTH WINDSORS. This match was played at Penarth, on Wednesday last, and after a very exciting game, ended in a win I for the Collegiate School by 2 runs. Scores:- PENAETII OoLT,TC«TATtt tJntinAT r.J'l.LVV"Lj. R Bishop, b VViogmp, c Lloyd 14 L TonkiD, b Griffiths 6 P Grant, b Lloyd Q G Dewar b Lloyd 20 T King, run out 11 A Tamplin, b Lloyd 0 B Grant, c Lloyd, b Griffiths 1 J Steele, c and b Roberts 0 W Strange, c Bishop b Lloyd 5 W Williams, st Bishop, b Roberts 1 T Strange, not out 0 Extras 9 Total 67 I PENARTH WINDSOES. A Price, b Dewar 1 S Bishop, b Bishop 5 R Lloyd, b Dewar. 7 D Griffiths, hit wicket 3 H Wiggins, c and b Bishop 18 A Dyer, c and b Dewar 16 T Davies, c Tonkin, b Dewar 7 A Roberts, c Tonkm, b Bishop 0 F Williams, b Bishop 0 C Williams, uot out 0 (J Davies, b Bishop 6 Extras. 2 Total 65 ST. JOHN'S, (CARDIFF) V. PENARTH I THISTLES C.C. Another of the fixtures of the Thistles has been carried through with the uecessary result. This match was played at Cardiff, and resulted in an easy win for the visitors by an innings and 33 runs. Here are appended the scores ;— ST. JOHN'S. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. C Baugh b Watkins 0 c Bisson b Watkins 0 A Chandlers b Dewar 4 c Cosslett b Watkins 4 W Couzelis b Dewar I b Watkins 0 R Arkell b Dewar 1 c Watkins b Dewar 0 E Edyvene b Watkins 2 c Watkins b Dewar 0 T Poweil run out 0 c Cosslett b Dewar 2 C Marks b Watkins. 1 b Dewar 0 a Northcote b McCarthy b Watkins 0 c Cosslett, b Dewar 0 G Jones run ont 4 b Watkins 0 J Hayes, b Dewar 0 not out i V Bober's Dot out 3 b Dewar 0 Extras 4 Extras 7 Total 20 Total 14 PENARTH THISTLES- I G Bisson b Arkell 0 G Halbert b ArkelJ 28 0 Watkins b Arkell 2 C Kyd b Couzens g G Dewar hit wicket 2 E McCarthy b Arkell 7 W Cosslett run out 0 H Redcliff c Marks b Arkell 2 F Davies c and b Ai-kell 1 C Bisliop not out 2 S Cosslett b Marlci 0 Extras 15 Total 67

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