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Cricket. PENARTH THISTLE V. ST. MARY'S (Cardiff). The above match was played at Penarth on Satur- day last, the 6th inst. The home eleven proved superior to their opponents, winning by 22 runa- G. Dewar for the "Thistles" bowled with extraordin- ary success, capturing no less than 8 wickets in the second inning for 2 runs. The following are the scores F;> ST. MARY'S let Innings. 2nd Innings. F. Benwell b Watkins 21 c Redcliff h Dewar 2 H Brown b Watkins 2 1-b-w b Dewar 0 P Herman b Dewar 2 b Dewar 0 GJPrior c Davies b Watkins 4 c Williams b Dewar 0 HGriffitbsbWatkins 8 b Watkins 12 Samson c Dewar b Watkins 0 c Cosslett b Dewar 8 R Hannan b Dewar 1 b Dewar 0 0 Hopkins b Dewar 2 c and b Dewar 0 J Chissold c Evans b Dewar 1 b Dewar 0 A Perry c Davies b Dewar 6 not out 0 T. Kyd not out 0 absent 0 Extras 4 Extras 2 Total 51 Total It PENARTH THISTLES- 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. C Kyd b Herman .Ob Herman S 0 Watkins b Herman 4 b Herman 10 G Dewar c Brown b Prior 0 c Herman b Samson E McCarthy b Prior 1 c Brown b Prior a A Evans b Herman .v 2 run out 0 J Evans c Brown b Prior 3 b Herman 2 F Dalies not out 10 c and b Herman ? C Williams run out 4 H Redcliff b Herman 8 not out S S Cossiett b Herman 0 C Bishop c Herman b Prior 1 Extras 6 Extras 10 Total 39 Total 58 PENARTH COLLEGIATE SCHOOL v. HISLAND HOUSE SCHOOL, This match was played at Penarth, on Wednesday last and ended in an easy win for the Collegiate School by 91 runs with 3 wickets to spare. The score reads as follows:- I PENARTH COLLEGIATE SCHOOL. P Grant run out 15 L Tonkin c E Weichart b R Thomas 16 A Tamplin rnn out y G Dewar c Gardiner b R. Thomas 17 T King c Morris b R. Thomas 9 W Strange c and b R Thomas 9 L Stores c Weichart b Morris 9 B Grant not out 3 W Williams b R Thomas 1 Extras 10 Total 96 (A Broadfoot and P Thomas did not bat.) HASLAND HOUSE SCHOOL R Thomas b G Dewar 1 E Weichert b L Tonkin 0 L Thomas b L Tonk in 0 C Gardiner b L Tonkin. 0 P Gardiner c P Grant b G Dewar 0 W Gibbs b L Tonkin Q C Morris b L Tonkin 0 A Mewton c P Grant b G Dewar 0 G Down not out 1 T Johnson b G Dewar 1 T Brown b G Dewar Q Extra?. 2 Total 5

3rd V.R. Welsh Regiment.


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