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Penarth Board Schools. WITHHOLDING OF ANNUAL GRANT. The alleged School Board is in a parlous condition, for at the Finance Committee on July 4, bills and account-i representing .£391 8s 2d were examined, pasted and ordered to be paid, there being, however, only £ 11 178 lOd to the treasurer's credit. It has transpired that the Education Department has withheld the grant, of nearly X1000 on account of certain repeated recommendatior.3 of B. M. I., Mr Charles Whitmell, not having been carried out by the managers. These recommenda' on% were that better cloak room accommodation be provided, together with other structural alterations. In his annual report for 18S9, with reference to the boys' department, Mr Whitmell wrote ;—<' No 4 classroom should be better ventilated and lighted, and be provided with a diiect exit to the playground." In 1893, the Inspactor further reported "More cloak room accommodation is desirable." In 1894 he again wrote-, Additional cloak room accommodation has not yet been provided, but pegs have been placed in the schoolroom. There is only an entrance lobby 11 feet by 10 feet, A separate exit from No. 3 class room is recommended." At the last visit to the schools in May, Mr Whit- mell, finding that his recommendations had not been attended to, wrote the Clerk, saying that the annual grant would be withheld till the managers had carried out his recommendations or given a guarantee to that effect. An arrangement with the bank for an overdraft has been come to, aud Messrs Sweet Escott and Hol- man have been deputed to sign the necessary cheques. Interest on overdrafts will not be allowed by the De- partment out of the rates. (Vide Mr Ackland's speech in the Hojse of Commons on March 23, 1895). On Friday morning it was said that one of the members wired to Whitehall for the grant to bo sent on. No doubt the officials of the Education Depart- ment received a severe shack at the receipt of that telegram, and will send the money down in a truck or special saloon. It is suggested that if there is no reply to the WIIU a deputation of the Board should proceed to London, to either tike legal proceedings against, or frighten it out of the Government.

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