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PJSMRTH BOAT CLUB. FINAL RACE FOR CHALLENGE CUP. AN EXCITING FINISH. On Saturday afternoon the final race for the club' handsome silver challenge cup was decided, the follow- ing yachts competing:—New Moon owned by Mr A. Sheppard and sailed by Mr Asbford), Thorne owned by Mr G. F. Mason), Quenda (Mr H. W. Flint), and Barbette (Mr F. Millburn). The course selected was once round the Cardiff Sands and West Cardiff Buoy At 3.30 a capital start was effected, the New Moon getting first away, quickly followed by the Thorne, Querida, and Barbette in the order mentioned. Round- ing the West Cardiff Buoy the boats kept well together and almost abreast of one another. Immedi- iately after a thunderstormJcame on which completely hid the crafts from the view of the spectators ashore, The tempest abating; the Thorne was seen to be to the windward and well ahead, with the Querida mak- ing a game effort to get on equal terms. Betweeu these two the race was let:, the struggle for supremacy creating considerable excitement. At the distance the Querida overhauled her opponent and passed the mark boat at 15min. 20sec. past 5 o'clock, being followed 20sec, later by the Thorne. The latter, how- ever, won on time allowance and so secured the coveted trophy Through the courtesy of the club's commo- dore (Mr H J. Velhcott) the tug Salisbury was placed p at the disposal of the boat club's friends.

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