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WARNER'S HYGIENIC BAKERY. THE rapid increase of Trade has compelled us to provide further accommodation so as to be able to meet the great demands of our Customers. All Goods supplied at this Establishment are made on the most modern and improved Hygienic principles. Tie Prices of our B AD S are as follows, Family Household Bread, d 141b. loaf. SUPERFINE BREAD, 5d. per 41b. Loaf FRENCH, VIENNA and MILK BREAD, 3d. per small loaf. IMPROVED MALT BREAD, 3d. per small loaf. ] CHOICE WHOLE MEAL BREAD, 2!d per small loaf W.G.W. begs to heartily thank the Public for their very generous support in the past and by supplying the very best Goods at the Lowest Possible Prices, he hopes still to receive their kind favours and Patronage. All our Breads made on the "Home-lade" principle. Vans to all parts of the Town daily. a 2U. 9. Warmer, 9Jaller and Confectioner, 93, 9le6e 8t., ffenartft. q.¡¡',f ran" OIHERTEH FflOT BREAD. THE BREAD OF THE FUTURE! delicious, Nutritious, and SffigMy digestive. .9 nd ig Sir CHAS. A. CAMERON, M.D. (Cambridge), F.R.C.S.I > M.R.C.P.I., F.I.C., Professor of Chemistry, R.C.S.I., Medical Officer of Health for Dublin; City and County Analyst; SA YS- CITY LABORATORY DUBLIN u I have a high estimate of the DIETETIC VALUE of fats, especially of those found in the seeds of plants, and I consider I- that the large percentage of the DELICATELY FLAVOURED fats of wheat present in Messrs NEAVE and CO, S FARINE adds greatly to the value of their Bread. It is RICH also in the ALBUMINOIDS of NITROGENOlJS constituents of food which are INDISPENSABLE to the formation of BONE and MUSCLE. "Messrs NEAVE & CO.'S Wheaten Meal and FARINE are WELL FLAVOURED, EASILY DIGESTIBLE and NUTRITIOUS aliments." SOLE AGENTS FOR PENARTH- e y1tce ..s&í Sons9