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Weekly Notes by Quirkpepip.…


Weekly Notes by Quirkpepip. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed in these notes. This is the age of the New Woman! The old boy who has been rasping a dilapidated fiddle in the public streets this week is, as far as dress goes, a unique and odd specimen of the New Man. Had his garb been piebald one would have had a fair idea of the Pied Piper of rat renown. 000 It is extremely refreshing—especially during this tropical beat-to knoni that the common or garden slavey is not altogether so black as painted. As far back as the beginning of the 17th century domestic fidelity and long service were perhaps as rare as now. Mr Isaac Duckett-rest his sainted ashes-was a ver. itable philanthropist- Dying in 1620 he bequeathed £400 for distribution among domestics who should live with one mistress or master for 7 years. At St Andrew's London, this week, where apparently this incentive alone exists, 11 candidates received a reward of £ 10 each. There is a fortune awaiting one institu- ting a local Servants—Friendly—Competition—Long —Service Bureau. 000 At the recent Camp sports at Lavernock the Penarth twelve good men and true led by Sergt Sims won the tag of war. What makes the win the more creditable is that victory depended upon securing two out of three. The same Penarth boys beat two separate Cardiff picked detachments. There's stamina for you sure look you 0 0 0 The season's well advanced, bat public seats do not keep abreast with expectations. To the breach once more,Mr Edward Seagrave with your facile pen! 0 0 0 The chairman of the Council has donned his war paint Trusting to ultimate successful negotiations with the Taff with respect to the Level Crossing and finding thus trust shattered he has slipped himself and will in consequence make and cry "Havoc" till a public danger be removed. The right man having bestirred Himself, there is no doubt of the final issue' .0. That many were disappointed over the Rev S. W. Heathcote's address last Sunday on The Ethics of Recreation," almost goes sans dire. A ticklish ques- tion to tackle in face of peculiar local predilections, but the dicta of one in authority should be as clear and unmistakable as a tocsin. Studied definiteness and verbal legerdemain, however, characterised the rev gentleman's utterances, but on one point he was ex- plicit, and that a pretty safe one-viz., the drama and theatre-going. Sunday golfing is either right or wroug there's no golden mean here. Only one man so far has bad the courage of his convictions to speak on the subject- burely, ''there's something rotten in the state of Denmark." "Why halt ye between two opinions?" 0 0 0 And that reminds me, with the giant advances made in science, it is passing strange that churches are built with a blind disregard to Accoustics. In one thing the Church i-las been very conservative, and it is this the consequence being that in the rear of the auditorium one cannot hear distinctly the latter part of the clergyman's remarks owing to the wave sounds breaking in coming in contact with the pillars. This defect is perpetuated in AU Saints' as well as the Top Church. 000 I crave no indulgence in adverting to the weather. "Here's weather! says one. Phew 1" ejaculates another. Well, I'm not a pessimist. 1 concur with the philosopher who said any sort of weather was better than none at all, but still one feels inclined to slate seme one-nobody in particular—for there being no umbrageous trees under whioh to sit and syn- chronally woo the coy sea breezes. Denuded of all such adjuncts is the Beach, and more painfully so, the Cliffs. I'm afraid I'm trending now to the antipodes of optimism. Before committing myself further, I'll obey the Scriptural injunction, and casting the etc., etc., hope to find it after many days; if not the trees, at least the seats. ooo Vandalism may perchance be urged as the reason for the dearth of seats. Well, one dosn't like to trade on Estate kindness and ask his Lordship to provide a Man in Buttons. The ratepayer, with a little wheedling, could be saddled with an extra penny on the rates to provide for such an extravagant acces- sory. The police have quite enough to do, and th, weather too 0 0 0 Much as some are dreading a School Board contest, there's one coming next November. Nemesis is not dead. 0 0 0 There'll be forensic fireworks in Penarth before the dark nights set in.

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