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Sunday Grolfling in Penarth.


Sunday Grolfling in Penarth. THE ETHICS OF RECREATION. REPREHENSIBLE SILENCE OF THE CHURCH. At All Saints', Penartb. on Sunday morning, the Rev S. Wyndham Heathcote preached on The Ethics of Recreation, and in the course of his pro- nouncedly ambiguous remarks, said, however that the Church was charged with being unworldly,but a true Christian had a perfect nght to go to a theatre, though only a Christian man or woman could do so with. impunity. The question of Sunday golfing and open- ing of museums and picture galleries was left severely alone. The rev. gentleman, was. therefore, subsequently interviewed with a view of eliciting from him an expression of opinion on these subjects, and particularly on golfing Mr Heathcote was not to be drawn, neither would he compromise himself by promising to give 111 the evening a pronouncement on the moot point which the Rev 1. 0. Stalberg so vigorously dealt with last ysar. On Sunday golfing the Established Church in Penarth has preserved a significant diffidence and pregnant silence-