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————a—waa————1 Correspondence.


——— —a—waa————1 Correspondence. AMALGAMATED SOCIETY OF RAILWAY SERVANTS. To the Editor Of the Penarth Chronicle- The railwavmen of Penarth wish, through the public Press> to thank the inhabitants of Penarth and district for the ready response they gave to the them in endeavouring to augment their Society's Orphan Fund by having a football match and concert on last Good Friday. They would -also like to specially thank the inhabitants of Plymouth-road, Penarth, from whom they received great assistance in the purchase of tickets for the concert; also the tollowing ladies and gentlemen for their kind dona- tions F. H. Jotham, Esq., Xi Is; S. Andrews and Son, f.1 Is J. W. Pvman, Esq-, 10s 6d; W. B. Gibbs, Esq., J.P.. 10s; A. W. Trivis. Esq.. 10s Mrs Bond, Railway Hotel, 5s from friends, 4s. They would also wish to thank all the artistes, who kindly gave their service free at the concert, including Messrs J. F. Proud, Justyn Parry, W. Carston, H. Curry, the Brothers Meazey, Misses E. Webb, E- Watts, and N Dewar; also the Cogan Military Band, who kindly gave their services at the football match and the Penarth Hand Bell Ringers. The railway- men wish to state that as the result of their efforts on last Good Friday they have been able to send away to the General Post Office, London, for the Orphan Fund X20. J. WILLIAMS, Branch Secretary. 31, Dock-street, Cogan Pill. June 24th, 1895.

Sunday Grolfling in Penarth.