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Obit-Chat. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. On Saturday Penartb will be visited by the mem- bers of the Bedminster (Bristol) East Ward Liberal Ratepayers' Association. The party, it is expected, will include Councillors Llnyd and Terrett, several members of the Board of Guardians, Mr. William Milliard, Secretary, &c. They will arrive by Messrs Campbell & Co.'s Westward Ho about 3.30, and will at once proceed to the Queen Restaurant (Mr H. R. Williams, proprietor), where they will partake of dinner. Two or three brief speeches will be made, and then some of the principal places of interest will be visited. Mr E. B. Stamp, builder' Grove Terrace, formerly a member of the Associa- tion, has made the neces3ary local arrangements for the entertainment of the visitors. It will be inter- esting to our Liberal friends to know that at the last Municipal and Guardian elections every seat was secured in this Ward by the Liberal party. 0 0 0 Will any of the leading lights of the Penarth Liberal Association meet the boat and give the visitcrs a welcome to our town- 00.. A case of some hardship, and which I feel sure would be rectified if properly understood, is reported to me. It appears that last Saturday week a number of persons went on the Pier with the intention of proceeding to Ilfracombe by Messrs Edwards and Robei tson's pleasure steamer, the Lorna Doane, but on account of the immense number of passengers from Bristol and Cardiff, only those holding railway tickets from the Rhondda were allowed to embark. The other would-be excursionists bad paid their penny each to go on the Pier, they had paid another penny to paas the turnstile for the boat, and then when they presented themselves at the turnstile again, annoyed and disappointed, a third penny was de- manded of them. Thus twopence at least was paid for which nothing whatever was received in return. Is it possible to make provision against such emer- ? gencies ? o e o Another Cork Club has been established in Penarth but on different lines to the original one. Its head quarters are at Mr Williams', the Britannia Coffee Tavern- If the rules are adhered to I have no doubt the new society will be of considerable benefit, to the members. 0 0 0 The Penarih School Board triennial election does not take place until November, but already the question, "Will there be a contest ?'' is agitating the minds of some of the present members. From with- out the answer comes, Yes. most decidedly, unless some of the present Board decide not to seek re- election. ooo It is rumoured that one member has made a state- ment to the effect that there are side-currents and Tinder-currents at work in the present Board, and, consequently, he does not intend to seek re-election. It is also alleged that one or two have intimated they think they have been on the Board long enough, and to; that it will be as well if they staud on one side and make room for others. Upon these matters I will not express any opinion, neither will I, at present, say anything further about the election, more than that probably one or two candidates will come from an unexpected quarter. 000 A Penarth Gentleman on board the Scotia going to Clevedon last Tuesday, remarked: ''There's plenty of water lere." "Yes," replied another, there's only one thing lacking; and that's the whiskey. ] 0 0 0 It appears that even a white-washed wall is suffic- ientat times to draw forth the poetic muse- A certain lady became quite ecstatic this week over such a ¡ common place subject, and has been writing about it's "ethereal beauty." Oh white-washed wall, with thy ethereal beauty, Sweet emblem of the fair, the white-robed throng; Whals hidden neath thy coat, is foul and dirty; Beneath ("Oh silly cat; you've spoilt my song")' ooo I see the Penarth "Thistles," a rising young club of cricketers, can boast a W. G. Grace. But on Saturday last this Grace came out with a "dnck" which made him a disgrace. 0 0 0 Two young ladies were on the Beach on Tuesday evening. The one said to the other What are the wild waves saying ? Come unto me and be at rest" was the reply. 0 0 0 Have pity upon my wife and children." It ap- pears that a couple of dairymen, when at Ilfracombe, went for a drive. One of the number being anxious to show his skill in driving, took the reins from the youth in charge, and off they went at a pace that struck terror into the heart of his companion. Now, it happened that the one who bad taken the reins was I able to sing with HarryClifton- I've got no wife to bother my life" whilst the other had a wife and children three After making several appeals to his comrade to pull up," without effect, the husband and father at length threw his arms in utter dismay about his companion's neck, and held him tightly, at the same time crying out, Have pity upon my wife and children." The pony was soon brought to a standstill, and we have no fatal accident to report. 0 0 0 Some of the Penarth dairymen when on the spree last Tuesday, were on wickedness bent. At one establishment, tended by a good lady, were a number of walking sticks suspended for sale and attached was a ticket bearing a large figure 1. "Here irissis," said one of the crew, give us one of them there sticks." The old lady proceeded to get down the stick selected, when she was tendered a penny. A shilling they be; a shilling they bri not a penny," ejaculated the lady, when the dairyman replied A shilling, niissus ? We can get better ones at Penarth for a penny." The old lady became very enraged and disgusted, and the would-be purchaser walked off lau-Iiirg., leaving her holding the stick in her hand. 000 I am assured that nothing stronger than stone ginger was drunk during the day, but the sun shone rather warm at times. Everyman; it is alledged, was as fresh as new milk when the party returned to Penarth- ooo The Foresters will celebrate their anniversary this year by a tnp to Minehead on Monday, July loth- The members will meet at the Jubilee Hall, at 8-40 in the morning, and, wearing their sashes, will march from thence to the Pier. The boat will leave at 9.15' and return from Minehead at 9 p.m. The tickets, to include cost of boat and dinner, will be 4s 9d each. Members allowed to take friends- 0 0 0 On board the Bonnie Boone bound for Bristol on Wednesday morning, was a young couple. When going up the river, the young lady observing an iron pipe running along the side of the bank, asked what it was for, when she was told that it was connected with one of the hotels in Bristol, and was used to con- vey beer to the men who were engaged in blasting I C> 0 operations by the river's side- 0 0 0 I Why is Windsor Road like a river? Because it has a bank on either side. 0 0 0 The anti-tobacco movement seems to be making I progress in the United States. Fifty thousand public school boys are now numbered in the Anti-Cigarette League of New York, which has been organised in all the 95 gram me r schools of the city. Several of the I more prominent educational institutions seem also to J I be taking up a determined attitude on the matter. The President of the Ohio Wesleyan University has J just issued the following We have decided to ask j all our students to discontinue the use of tobacco, be- i | ginning next Fall, and if any tobacco-users come, we | will have to dissolve partnership necessarily."

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Sunday Grolfling in Penarth.