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IPenarth District Council.


Penarth District Council. THE DEATH-TRAP AT WEST COTTAGES. MR STRONG AND HIS DRAINS. THE BUTE AND RIGHT OF WAYS. DISPUTED PRIVATE IMPROVEMENT CLAIM. The Public Works' Committee met on Monday night. Mr Snell presided, and all the councillors were present, save Messrs S. Thomas, T. Bevan, T. S. Lloyd, and E. Rees, Mr W. L. Morris said with reference to the level crossing that before the new bridge be erected at the top of Rail xvay-ter race steps should be taken to compel the T.V.R. to provide either a more convenient bridge where the present one now is, or to provide watch- men at the level crossing. He was very interested in the matter, and did not intend to let, it slide. The Board of Health had deputed General Hutchinson to visit the spot and report thereon. The fact that the crossing was re-opened was ample evidence of the legitimate right of way to the public, but the General's pro- nouncement that be did not consider the bridge met the public requirements was unheeded. Mr Beasley at that time suggested the erection of a new bridge, and he (the speaker) was of opinion that Mr Beasley would support the scheme, inasmuch as he had actually refused, and furthermore declined, to remove the present bridge 50 yards lower down. al- though by so doing the existing crossing would be abolished. He moved that the Company's hand be forced. Another member having remarked that Mr Wadley very recently ran in front of a train and snatched up a child from the permanent way, The Clerk was instructed to write the Board of Trade to ascertain if anything further could be done in the matter. A letter was read from Mr Strong, demanding within 24 hours documents appertaining to the rer cent drainage of his house now in possession of the Board. Mr Strawson explained that Mr Strong refused to re-drain his house to the front sewer now hid at his own expense, inasmuch as Mr Court had certified to his present drain being in conformance with the bye- laws. The Surveyor stated that be had Dot seen Mr Strong on the matter, but the main drain was five inches above the myphon trapping Mr Strong's house. Mr Strawson: He's willing enough to connect at the Council's expense, bat not at his own. The Surveyor: Whoever was responsible for the old drain levels in Mr Mathias's contract is respon- sible for the other. The Clerk thought it was nothing to do with the Board, but he would look up the minutes and docu- ments.—Agreed to- The Surveyor reported having received a letter from the Llandaff and Dynas Powis Highway Board, asking the Council to co-operate in preserving as a highway or public footway the path running through Green Size, which the Bute alleged was private property. The matter was about to be referred, when Mr R. Bevan suggested, as it was a very important question, the members or a sub-committee should acquaint themselves with the matter. c 1 The Clerk remarked that the Bute bad recently prosecuted alleged trespassers on this path, bnt the magistrates had non-suited the plaintiffs. The Surveyor observed I 'h,,tt four-fifths of that land was within the Council's jurisdiction, and to retain that recognised right of way which he always used when having occasion to go in that direction, because it was very convenient, was a matter of the utmost moment. Mr R- Be van's suggestion i-as adopted, and he, together with Messrs J), Morgan and J. y. Strawson, was appointed to investigate and report on the matter. It having been discovered that the timber of the Dingle bridge was lotten in places, The Surveyor had taken upon himself, after con- ferring- informally with certain member, the respon- sibility, to avoid any mishap., of replacing those por- tions and substituting two new trestles. The Committee approved of this course. The Committee recommended the passing of the following plans :-Five houses in Diagle-ioad for Mr Stamp, six in Cogan-place for Mr Hancock, addi- tions to house in Stanwell-road next to Dr Rees's, alterations to house at the corner of Hickman-road and Windsor-road belonging to Mr Tape, and altera- tions of Mr A. Stevens' house in Beach-road. With reference to Mr Tape's plans, a question of air space was left for the Surveyor to decide. The Surveyor reported that the private improve- ments in Archer-road, Sully-terrace, and Arcot-lane were nearly finished, and that 175 yards of the Windsor-road fencing bad been completed. Mr Morgan stated that he had hitherto been unable to confer with Mr Andrews with respect to Ludlow- lane uriaal. Mr Morris again brought forward Mr Smith's claim fer money owing on certain private improve memg. He considered it hard lines that Mr Smith should lose his money. ) Mr Guy: Who generally pays the private im provement mcney ? The Chairman The Clerk. Mr Guy Mr Smith said he had been paid by Mr Jenkin Llewellyn, as the latter was one of the four owning the property. Mr W. L, Morris thought it strange Mr Llewellyn should pay the money. Mr Guy Perhaps Mr Smith bad it from the Col- lector and not from the Board, owing to a private arrangement ? Mr Snell: There was no contract existing with the Board. Mr Purnell: Mr Smith never applied to me for the apportionment- The Clerk: I will search the books to ascertain if there was a contract, Mr Snell: At that time I acted for Mr Harris, who was ill, but not at the commencement, only at the completion of the work. Mr R. Bevan desired light on this subject. Had Mr Smith allowed ten years to elapse before apply- ing to the Board ? Mr XNI". L. illorris: He has applied many times. To ray certain knowledge he has applied three times. The matter was left to the Clerk.

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