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Notes and Comments. THE political world is now full of excitement. The defeat of the Government on such a question was wholly unexpected, aud although it was anticipated that in a few months there would be an appeal to the country, yet no one imagined that it would come so soon, or be thrust upon us in such a manner. Lord Rosebery has resigned office, and Lord Salisbury has taken the seals and formed another Ministry, but not with any idea of carrying on business, only such as may b3 compulsory to tide the country over the interval between the dissolution of the present Parliament and the electioh of a new House. By this sudden breaking up of the Government and the appeel to the consti- tuencies we see the necessity of always having one's house in order. Doubtless in many constituencies parties are wholly unprepared for the coming contest » and even in our own Divibion both parties have been resting on their oars, The Liberals have been very apathetic; probably contented to rely upon the result of past elections as a guarantee that they are safe for any emergency, whilst the Conservatives have only recently found a candidate to oppose Mr A. J. Williams, the sitting member. In Penarth and other places there has not even been an oppottuniry of listening to the voice of Major QniD, and now it can only be asked of Conservatives that they will be true to party, relying upon their leaders' wisdom in the selection of their candidate. Major Quin will, of course, address the electors in all the principal parts of the Division, that is th3 places were Conservatism is weakest, leaving the strong to take care of then- selves. Mr Williams has been so long connected with South Glamorgan that he needs no introduction, but, nevertheless, to hold bis own he must bestir himself, and his supporters must be up and doing. The day of dissolution will probably be Monday, July 8th, and the day of the great struggle will then be nigh at r r hand.

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