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WA^fJElVS fiYtyKfilG BAKGI^Y. 'ÕLJ11JL <oLuIlllL <õLÆI&JõL ;i) rj]]Tri lypir1 fjjlF1 CJLJ rjj|in 3 HE rapid increase of Trade has compelled us to provide further accommodation so as to be f Ov able to meet the great demands of our Customers. All Goods supplied at this Establishment are made on the most modern and improved Hygienic principles. The Prices of our ]Bxt are as follows fiamilxj- household • • • d. fier ZÕ. ^oaf. .Superfine ]JreaCZ 5d. per QTb. loaf. French, Vienna & Jffflk Bread BCZ. per small loaf. Improved JYfalt Broad 0 BCZ. per small loaf. ehoioe Whole Jfffeal Broad 2\d. per small loaf. 2 tjZhsse Prices Will be continued until further Jtfotics. W.G.W. Begs to heartily thank the Public for their very generous support in the past and by supplying the very best Goods at the Lowest Possible Prices, he hopes still to receive their kiad favours and patronage. ALL OUR BREADS MADE ON THE <f HOME-MADE" PRINCIPLE. 3 "V\A-.ISR:3 TO A.LL PARTS OF THE: TOATVIST ~O A TI RR W. Q. WARNER, BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, 93, Glebe Street, PENARTH, 53, PLASSEY hTItEET, (Nex t door to Mr Butcher.) w m. Sauxid ers Begs to inform the public that on SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1895, He will open the above PREMISES as a FIRST-CLASS Stafcipjg and Gonfectionery ESTABLISHMENT. will beT^rfd^rSale6 t0 requirem0ntS of his Patrons, and nothing but the Choicest Goods OTE ADDRESS- WM. SAUNDERS, 53, PLASSEY STREET, PEN ARTH NOTICE. "Gaugfit at Xast OR fTfie Felon's Strand," IS THE TITLE OF A NEW SERIAL TALE WHICH WILL BE COMMENCED IN OUR NEXT ISSUE. J TO VOCALISTS. WANTED. THREE BASS AND THREE TENORS, for the Penarth Snowflak3 Minstrels. Apply Mr H. Hayes Secretary, 47, Salop-street, or Mr T. Davies, 2, Ivy-street, Penarth.

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